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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 2

Carbon fiber folding gangway With male pin, wheels on a safe rigid caster, dock side eye bolts for trapeze, and guys. Integral carbon hinges with anti-folding restraint. Carbon fiber finishing with transparent anti-UV coating. Grey non-slip tread finish. Spare parts kit included. TECHNICAL DATA Length open/close

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 3

Technical Data Sheet Female Deck Socket X-Wheels Option Price List

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 4

mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - Data sheet

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 5

Female Deck Sockets mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - Female deck socket Fittings The most comprehensive range of deck sockets for your gangway. All come with an impeccable highly polished deck flange. A complete set of adapters is available to couple any pivot with any socket, up to 34 mm diameter. Finishing We made no compromises: from surfaces polished in the same workshops used by Vicenza’s famous gold jewelers, to solid CNC machining, this is the absolute best you can buy. Pic. 3 Pic. 1 STAINLESS STEEL High quality, AISI316 welded socket with polished flange. Pic. 2 PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL-...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 6

mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - Options Options Custom Painting Yacht Name Gangways, swim ladders, walking surfaces, wheels, sun awning poles, can be painted in different colors. Please refer to the table to choose your color combination. You can customize your gangway with your logo, yacht name, or a drawing. Our best selling option is the name/logo visible within the non-slip surface, but it can also be painted in any color different from the main color of the gangway, even metallic. A range of 5 different fonts (Helvetica Neue, Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic, Georgia, Garamond) constitutes the basic...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 7

mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - Options Options Teak Walking Surface Our teak walking surface is 100% hand-made and follows the elegantly rounded gangway design. We use high-quality, 10 mm sheets of teak. The combination of classic teak and modern carbon technology creates a stand-out accessory for your yacht: beautiful, strong, and surprisingly light. Handrails are a great addition to your gangway. They give a clear view of your path, providing safety. Our handrail kits include hard anodized aluminium stanchions, comfortable polyester lines, and stainless steel spring lock. They are easy to...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 8

mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - Options Options Light Cascade* Thanks to the extra-thin walls of Exit Carbon pre-preg gangways, LED lights are underneath the gangway, showing light dots on top through small lenses along each side. This unique feature of Exit Carbon gangways illuminates the water and dock with an awesome visual effect, as shown in the photo. Provide the best protection for your Exit Carbon piece of equipment - and your yacht too - with our exclusive, Exit Carbon weatherproof padded stow bags. A trapeze is the perfect solution for keeping your gangway readily available without the...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 9

mod. Anna gangway 500 cm - X-Wheels X-Wheels Option Standard Wheels Our standard, discreet, 63 mm diameter wheels on hard anodised aluminium rigid casters permanently fixed to the carbon structure. They don’t spoil the smooth flowing lines of Anna, but allow the natural movement of the ship while you cross the gangway. Big, heavy-duty 100 mm diameter X-Wheels on AISI316 stainless steel rigid casters for additional clearance from the dock or use on irregular surfaces. The casters are screwed on extra-strong stainless steel threaded plates and laminated inside the carbon fiber structure--like...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 10

Price list ANNA 500 Carbon fiber super yacht gangways MODELS Stainless steel welded female socket Premium stainless steel female socket (machined) Machined black hard anodized aluminium female socket Stainless steel female socket with locking system (machined) Black hard anodized aluminium female socket with locking system (machined) Stainless steel toe rail female socket (squared) (machined) Male pin with 50 mm offset PRICE Allegra Diana Anna Elisa Laura Fittings for all gangways (pins, sockets, and trapezes) 60 cm carbon spreader bar (for your own trapeze) Trapeze system with 60 cm carbon...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 11

Price list Handrail kits PRICE Calipso Aurora Venus PRICE Libera Allegra PRICE Diana Anna PRICE Elisa Laura Finishing options Handrail kit choice of color Handrail kit not available on ALBA 220 cm solid gangway. Stow bags Waterproof rail fitted bag (with adjustable straps) Padded stow bag for folding gangway PRICE Alba PRICE PRICE PRICE Calipso Venus Allegra Aurora Libera PRICE Diana Anna PRICE Elisa Laura Gangway matt clear coat Gangway choice of color (within our 17 tones color range) Teak surface Gangway high gloss clear coat Gangway metallic choice of color PRICE Elisa Laura Yacht’s name...

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Anna 500 carbon gangway - 12

EXIT CARBON IS MANUFACTURED by EXIT ENGINEERING For more details, please send us an email at HEADQUARTERS

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