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Instruction manual The purpose of this manual is to provide step-by-step instructions for the proper fitting of ERpro’s blind inserts on composite panel. Summary This manual accompanies ERpro’s blind threaded potted-in inserts which are based on airspace technology. They can be used in a variety of applications in aircrafts and boats where a fastener is needed and particularly in "blind” cases when the back of the panel is not accessible. The basic dimensions of the inserts are M8x28mm and they are designed to be easily installed without any bubble entrapment in the sealant used. In addition to the standard size sold, we can provide custom solutions for your needs in various dimensions provided a minimum order of 100pcs per size. Materials to be used Metallic insert Screw that fits metallic insert Hex key or screwdriver Washer with two openings (provided) Drill 20mm drill bit Deburring tool Sealing epoxy Tissue Methodology Step 1 Screw on the appropriate screw on the insert and also use the washer provided. Make sure the two openings of the washer align with the slots of the inserts as shown in Figure 1. There is no need to tighten the screw too much at this point.

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Step 2 On the panel that you wish to secure the insert drill a ⌀20mm hole, but make sure the bottom layer of the sandwich panel stays intact and that the drill does not make a through hole according to Figure 2. Step 3 Use a deburring (rebating trenching, ditching, relieving, etc.) tool to remove sandwich core material from the hole already drilled so that the inner hole becomes ⌀30-40mm. Note: if the sandwich core material of your panel has cells in it careful not to destroy the walls during the deburring process since they add extra strength. Follow the procedure shown in Figure 3

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An alternative method to the one described above is to use another tool that will serve to remove core material from the panel similar to Figure 4.

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Issue date: 4th Oct 2019 Figure 4 NOTE If the core material of your panel is similar to Figure 5 do not destroy the cells (walls inside core material) during the deburring process. Do not walls deburring destroy during Step 4 Insert the insert in the hole making sure it is centered and that the two openings of the washer are not blocked by the top skin of the panel as in Figure 6.

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Step 5 Place the sealant nozzle at one of the openings of the washer and pour sealing material until it comes out of the other washer opening as in Figure 7. Use a tissue to wipe any excess sealant. Step 6 Wait for the sealant to cure completely (according to its instructions) and remove the screw from the insert. The insert is ready to be used per its specifications. CAUTION Make sure that the maximum curing temperature of your sealant is not too high, otherwise it is possible that the insert with the screw will deform during the curing process due to extreme heat. Suggestions Our tests...

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