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The mechanism "Suspension Ver. MIL" has been designed to cooperate with any seat which is going to be used for giving shock mitigation to extreme or pleasure high speed crafts. The term "MIL" stands for "MILitary", because this mechanism originally designed for satisfying the Greek Navy requirements. Since then the original designs have been improved to meet a wider range of applications. The mechanism has been designed to serve mostly the passengers who prefer the standing/ straddling position rather than seated position. Our goal to be in the fore front of HSC seats manufactures lead us to: Ohlins, the worldwide leader in racing motor sports and famous for their passion for innovations and their state-of-the-art technology. (more about Ohlins here), for producing dedicated shocks. “Systems and Measurements” Laboratory in Electrical & computer Engineering Dept. of University of Patras, Greece for carrying out Test-bed experiments and measurements. Advanced technology adoption for improving the reliability and product life span. The perfect quality of the shock, combined with the dedicated settings made by the Greek Ohlins Team and the detailed design (low friction joints, bearings, materials, settings, painting, strength, dynamic response, comfort.. etc), places this suspension system among the leaders of its category. The mechanism has been tested for shock mitigation from -4g to 4g under frequencies 5-30Hz according to: ISO 2631-5 "Mechanical vibration and shock - Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration - Part 5: Method for evaluation of vibration containing multiple shocks" NATO RTO-MP-AVT-110 “Shock Mitigation for the Human on High Speed Craft: Development of an Impact Injury Design Rule” / email: seats@okyalosm

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Suspension System: • Model: • Anodized (Optional) • Any other upon request (optional) • Dimensions (LxHXW ): • Passenger Weight: • For lighter or heavier passenger, a different sprint should be used. Shock: Hfr Shock Absorber: • Progressive, Ohlins • There is a range of springs that can be used in order to meet any customer requirement and level of comfort. T- Adjustments: • The rebound is self adjusted according to compression speed Weight: 1.5 kg (3.31 lbs) Warranty: • Metal structure: two (2) years • Clean water after every usage in salty...

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