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Sundance - 1

A powerhouse of style, versatility and protection. Made to fit the needs of multiple applications, Sundance is an excellent choice for Hospitality, Heathcare, Corporate, Marine and RV seating. Sundance is equipped with: • MGX MorGuard Xtreme™, Morbern’s exclusive stain resistant and cleanable topcoat that protects against and easily cleans denim, mustard, ball point pen and much more. • Mellosoft™ substrate for the best tailored look and soft hand. • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and mildew resistance. To order or to receive samples and more information on Sundance, please call us at 888-MORBERN or email us at Visit us 24 hours, 7 days a week at for product information, samples

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Sundance - 2

Sundance Specifications • Roll Width: 54 inches • Roll Size: 30 yards • Weight: 30.75 +/- 1.5 oz per linear yard • Thickness: 48 +/- 4.5 mils • Cold Crack: -25°F • Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Microbial • 1000 Hours WeatherOmeter • MGX MorGuard Xtreme™ Stain Resistant Finish • Mildew Resistant • Denim Resistant Abrasion Resistance: No significant wear after 100,000 double rubs with #8 cotton duck using the Wyzenbeek test method. Content: 75.4% Vinyl 24.6% Poly Fabric Bleach Resistant* Recommended Applications • Conference Room Seating • Home Office Seating • Executive Seating • Hotel/Motel...

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