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Spartan II Ver MIL/PL Distinctive


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Spartan II Ver MIL/PL Distinctive - 1

Description Beyond any Expectation! Designed for all those who prefer the perfect fabric quality, the extra fine sewing technique and the perfect shock mitigation! Even the body pressure distribution has been taken into account in order to improve the feeling of comfort and the mitigation result in low speeds. The Spartan II Distinctive seats can be combined with "Suspension Ver MIL" or "Ver PL" models. Features Ver MIL Spartan II Distinctive 1. Ergonomic Design. 2. High fabric quality. 3. High quality cushion material. 4. Waterproof Sewing. 5. Extra fine seams/stitching technique. 6. High quality finishing like the one you find in F1 racing cars. 7. Wide variety of colors. 8. Customized solutions. / email:

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Spartan II Ver MIL/PL Distinctive - 2

Material: Bi-elastic Vinyl (two-directional stretching) Qualities: • anti-slide quality • Long durability • UV resistant • Salt- water resistant • Perspiration resistant • Urine resistant • Saliva resistant • Waterproof • Non-irritant Colour: •Any color upon request Maintenance: •Clean regularly with 800x306 cleaning agent

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