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Suspension Seats The "Ermioni HSC Seats" products are designed to give shock mitigation for extreme high speed crafts, protect the crew/passengers from injury and provide better comfort conditions during any trip or mission. OHLINS, the worldwide leader on anything related to the control of vibrations of any type and famous from the racing motor sports (Moto GP & Formula 1), supports now our products designing dedicated shocks for the Ermioni HSC Seats (More about Ohlins: here). Test-bed experiments and measurements for evaluating the dynamic behavior of the developed suspension system are carried out in “Systems and Measurements” Laboratory in Electrical & computer Engineering Dept. of University of Patras, Greece, in order to ensure that the product meets specifications and complies with the required regulations and quality standards. Every detail has been designed with special care in order to increase the reliability and the product life span with main structure to be manufactured by marine aluminum alloys. The mechanisms has been tested for shock mitigation from -4g to 4g under frequencies 5-30Hz according to ISO 2631-5 and NATO RTO-MP-AVT-110 Address: Strimonos 10A, Kifisia, 14561, Athens, Greece Email: Web: Phone. (+30) 6940 823 15

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Suspension Seats The term "MIL" stands for "MILitary", because this type of mechanism originally designed for satisfying the Greek Navy requirements. Since then the original designs has been improved to meet more wider range of applications. The term "PL" stands for "PLeasure". This mechanism, due to its geometry and the reclining shock adjustment, provides: • Wider range of passenger weight. • Better comfort conditions during any trip or mission. • Optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads. • Optimum shock mitigation for spine and neck. The term "RG" stands for Rail...

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Suspension Seats • Widespread use (Military, Landing crafts, Lifeguards and many Fishing boats are made from aluminum). • Low Maintenance Cost. Address: Strimonos 10A, Kifisia, 14561, Athens, Greece Email: Web: Phone. (+30) 6940 823 153

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Suspension Seats Bucket Ver Mil Corbeau BOSS EVO I Bucket Ver Pl Corbeau BOSS EVO I Address: Strimonos 10A, Kifisia, 14561, Athens, Greece Email: Web: Phone. (+30) 6940 823 153

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Suspension Seats Address: Strimonos 10A, Kifisia, 14561, Athens, Greece Email: Web: Phone. (+30) 6940 823 153

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Suspension Seats Note: The color of the images may differ from reality. Any customer should ask for more clarifications before any purchase. Warranty The metal structure is covered with a warranty of two (2) years by the ERpro PC. Fabric: one year warranty is offered against manufacturing defects or workmanship by the manufacturer. Shock Absorber (Ohlins): two years warranty by ERpro PC. The warranty has validity only when the user follows the manufacturer's or subcontractor’s maintenance program and it is proved that the user is not responsible for incorrect or unusual use. Maintenance The...

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