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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 1

2016 okyalos closed 10 & open 14 Design Department EMAL-N. MPOULELAKIS SA 1/28/2016

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L—7 I I f* f J V MHO> \F WMII AFBI fmatl: kIbik1.I1'

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 3

emal V MflOY IMAMU AMU: WLM: CMviV'Tu IVm^Tw; Tn«_: JJWuJJnS, cV- A f iiMih chu<ii>I*m(.ii kiv.: | • iO| ti'li "*■ 4IW. "Okyalos Open 14" & "Okyalos Closed 10” are two high speed vessels which can be very easily used for military purposes because of their characteristics and armament they can carry (Fig. 1 & 2). Their development is based on the prototype (Fig. 3) launched, tested and adopted by Hellenic Navy on June 2015. However, they differ from the prototype vessel at the following aspects: ^ Weight saving through optimization of structure. ^ Optimization of cruising and safety...

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emal \NSM: I Ms.OMH IViM*Tia^

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Will: Oivftprin Iv.m*t«i; A. Specifications - Classifications Design will be certified by French Shipping Register Bureau Veritas according to the following rules: 1. NR 396_2002-02: Rules for the Classification of High Speed Craft 2. NR 467_2014-07: Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships 3. NR 561_2012-03: Hull in Aluminum Alloys 4. NR 600_2014-07: Hull Structure and Arrangement for the Classification of Cargo Ships less than 65m and Non Cargo Ships less than 90m. The basic vessel characteristics, according to their classification are: • High Speed Craft Monohull, Planning Category...

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I*»_; ’itOo.J’lO*, 1*1. & f iiMih chu<ii>I*m(.ii kiv.: | • iO| ti'li "*■ 4lfcf> Craft "Metal Structure” Okyalos has a hard chine hull shape with deep V, in order to achieve a very high ride quality (Fig.4). It's made of Aluminum Alloy 5083 while some standard reinforcing structural members are made of Aluminum Alloy 6082 (both alloys are ideal for ship building. The structure is a combination of frames (primary structural parts) and longerons (Fig.5).

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 8

! Fig.5: Vessel Structure The boat is covered by a deck and has five (5) internal bulkheads (Fig.6). The boat compartments are: ➢ Engine Room ➢ Fuel Tank ➢ Passenger Cabin (Closed 10) ➢ Cockpit ➢ Cargo Hold ➢ Bow Water-Tight ! Fig.6: Boat Compartments - Projection The engine room and the fuel tank are easily accessible through removable doors (covers). Fuel tank itself is also removable and made of aluminum. Two pairs of spray rails (strakes) are mounted on the bottom of the hull. Furthermore, the boat is equipped with safety rails (on the deck), a platform (at the stern) and full...

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 9

! ➢ Selection of used consumable materials. ➢ Welding process design and certification. ➢ Involved personnel (welders) training and qualification tests. ➢ Welding process supervision. ➢ Repair processes issue (in case of fault - for any reason - or imperfection in the final product). ➢ Quality assurance: • Definition of evaluation criteria. Cooperation with other quality assurance institutions. Quality control data management. Final report issue (by the end of the project) of the whole project. The whole metal structures fully complies with International Standards concerning the following...

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 10

\\£H: Tii|l i F mml: nil* <i »l»n«.(ir kiv.l I • iOl«>*»J ''S Flto CARDAN SHAFT

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 11

emal Will: Oivftprin Iv.m*t«i; THRUST SYSTEM INSTALLATION Fig.7: Okyalos" Engine - Propulsion System11 | Page

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 12

Efficiency Propulsion system advantages are as follows: ! Fig.8: Propulsion System Comparison ➢ 15% to 30% speed increase over conventional systems. ➢ 15% to 30% increase in fuel efficiency. ➢ More efficient than I/O’s ➢ Corrosion resistant ➢ Size adaptability, from 100 hp to over 10,000 hp applications. ➢ Low maintenance requirements. ➢ Ability to adjust propeller submergence while underway. ➢ Ability to adjust submergence to match horsepower output permits conversion of more thrust as appropriately needed. ➢ Propellers ventilate to the surface rather than cavitate under the hull reducing...

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 13

Propulsion system basic features and capabilities are as follows: Trimable Propeller Shaft The propeller shaft is vertically adjustable, allowing selection of the optimum thrust angle for varying load and sea conditions. Positive Thrust Steering Unlike conventional systems that vector prop thrust off of a rudder, the Arneson Surface Drive angles in the direction of motion, maximizing steering control and response. Responsive Maneuverability Propellers are located aft, behind the hull, increasing steering leverage and improving maneuverability at all speeds. Shallow Water Capabilities The...

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"Okyalos Οpen 10 et  14" - 14

emal Will: Oivriaum Iv.m*t«i; External layer of OflCA* CWorosulfonated Polyethylene Neoprene inner layers gives Fig.10: ORCA 866 Nepture 1670 dtex Grey Carbon Electrical Infrastructure Propulsion engines use deep cycle batteries (Whisper Power AGM Deep Cycle 12v DC / 200Ah), proper for naval and dual use (start & electrical power supply). Electrical power supply comes from an Electric Board (12VDC), installed in a closed & protected area A Diesel Generator (Whisper Power M-GV7i GENVERTER MARINE 24VDC, 230VAC / 50Hz / 3.8kVA + 3.5kVA) with continuous function capability, is available only...

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Generator Installation Fig.11: Okyalos Electrical Infrastructure Whisper Power AGM Deep Cycle 12V DC DC /200 Ah Battery Fig.12: Okyalos Electrical Infrastructure Exhausting System The final choice of exhausting system (VETUS) will be made by the completion of boat design process according to the operational requirements (Fig. 13). Ventilation System In model Closed 10, passenger cabin will be ventilated through two special

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Will: Oivftprin Iv.m*t«i; Engine room will be ventilated by the use of Air intakes mounted at the roof (Closed 10) or at the rear side of the boat above the engine room (Fig.14) & 2 ventilators (750 m3/h minimum air supply each) installed in the engine room. The craft will be equipped with hull pumps and water level indicators. Hull pumps will be controlled from the cockpit (automatic function capability integrated). Two (2) automatic firefighting systems BONPET will be installed in the engine room. Furthermore, two (2) fire extinguishers (CO2 , 5Kg each) will be available on the craft....

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