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Description The Jockey-S Ver. Mil seat is designed to protect the crew and passengers of high-speed craft from injury. This model (“S” for Short) is specially designed for pilot/co-pilot and limited spaces with compact/shorter saddle design. The suspension system is supported by Ohlins, the worldwide leader in racing motor sports and famous for their passion for innovations and their state-of-the-art technology. (More about Ohlins: here) The perfect quality of the shock with the self adjusted rebound system combined with the low friction joints places this suspension system among the leaders of their category. Every detail has been designed with special care in order to increase the reliability and the product life span with main structure to be manufactured by marine aluminum alloys. Features 1. 2. High backrest for maximum comfort and support. Longer saddle sides for optimal lateral support in straddling position. Horizontal handle support for passengers behind. Ohlins Adjustable Progressive Shock Absorber. Synergizes with human muscular reflex system. Shaped to protect the operator from injuries in all conditions. Specially design for pilot/copilot and limited spaces with compact/shorter saddle design. Activates the human natural reflex-based muscular protection system. Distributes impacts between arms and legs to protect back and neck. Self-adjusting height depending on weight. Optimum shock mitigation in the spine and neck direction. Test-bed experiments and measurements by “Systems and Measurements” Laboratory of University of Patras. Tested for shock mitigation from -4g to 4g under frequencies 5-30Hz according to ISO 2631-5. / email: info@er-product

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Jockey-S ver MIL - 2

Total weight: 21 kg (46.30 lbs) (with Ohlins) Total Dimensions (LxHXW ): 711x1202x257 mm3 Suspension System: • Model: • Any other upon request (optional) • Bearings: Tapper • Weight: 14.5 Kg (31.97 lbs) (with ohlins) Shock Absorber: Ohlins Adjustments: preload. The rebound is self adjusted according to compression speed. There is a range of springs that can be used in order to meet any customer requirement and level of comfort. Seat: Jockey-S Seat: • Model: • Structure Color: • Any other upon request (optional) • Structure Material: • Any other upon request (optional) • Side support...

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