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Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of Old World lizards with over 160 species described. These species come in a range of colors, and many species have the ability to change color. "Chameleon" is also the new suspension seat by ERpro because it comes in a variety of colors and adjustments that enable the seat to fit even to the most narrow boat space. Chameleon T1 Fold up "all-in-one": perfect ergonomic design, high shock mitigation performance, practical/compact design, height adjustment, optional cordura fabric, folding footrest, 44.5 Kg, aluminum structure, high precision folding system, ohlins shock.. Etc Basic features 1. Ergonomic design 2. Height adjustment (±6.5 cm) 3. Fold up saddle 4. Back folding foot rest 5. For outdoor or indoor use 6. High quality cushion material 7. Waterproof sewing 8. Extra fine seams/stitching technique 9. High quality finishing 10. Wide range of colors 11. Customized solutions 12. Optimizing posture for impact protection and comfort. 13. Ohlins Shock Absorber 14. No corrosive materials used in any components 15. Lightweight. 16. Handling both static and dynamic loads. 17. Optional Cordura fabric Chameleon-T1 / email:

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Model: • Chameleon T1 Suspension: • Type RG (Rail Guides) Structure Color: • Black, 9005 STR (standard) • Any other color upon request • (optional) Structure Material: • AL 5083 /AL 6082 / AL 6061 • SST 316 / SST 304 Fabric: • Vinyl Black as standard • Cordura black upon request • Any other upon request (optional) Stroke: • 98mm (3.85") Total weight: • About 44.5 kg Dimensions (LxHXW ): • 573x(1232±65)x506 mm3 Shock: • Shock Absorber: Ohlins • Adjustments: preload • There is a range of springs that can be used in order to meet any customer requirement and level of comfort Warranty: • Metal...

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Sitting position Upright position / email:

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