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Marine Satellite Systems and Services

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MARINE SATELLITE SYSTEMS EPAK's stabilized internet and TV systems are specifically designed to overcome the unique challenges when operating at sea. Customers get one-stop solutions and services including individual consultation, hardware installation, airtime management and technical support. EPAK is a technology leader with a very strong focus on Research and Development. In many ways EPAK has shown to lead the way rather than follow the trend. ABOUT EPAK Designer and manufacturer of stabilized satellite antennas With the vision of worldwide mobile communication on land, at sea and in...

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All products are engineered and manufactured in Germany and fulfil industry standards of the European Union. As designer and manufacturer, EPAK owns all the essential competences to provide you with customized solutions. EPAK uses only high-end materials and components for best product performance. EPAK offers one-stop solutions including satellite services and technical support.

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PRO SERIES EPAK antennas of the PRO Series feature the integration of a fourth motion axis to make tracking faster and more flexible. Mechanical design and electronic control are precisely synchronized. Through gyro position sensors and readings from the satellite signal, the control unit receives information about how the position of the antenna (or the ship underneath it) has changed. Complex mathematical algorithms then calculate the required counter-movement and control the motors. This process happens within milliseconds and continues in a loop of repetitions. As a result, the antenna...

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TVRO SOLUTIONS TVRO SYSTEMS All EPAK TVRO antennas have been adjusted to overcome the specific challenges of their respective applications. The main differences between the antennas are their dish diameter and tracking speed. The antennas of the DS-Series guarantee reliable signal quality even under the hardest conditions in harsh waters. They are all part of the PRO-Serie, the latest development of stabilized antenna systems, incorporating a 3-axis servo belt motion system plus automatic skew for ultimate performance. Dish size Frequency Antenna gain Min. EIRP LNB type Tracking speed...

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VSAT SOLUTIONS VSAT SYSTEMS Benefit from EPAK's long-term expertise in VSAT antennas supply and airtime provision. EPAK VSAT systems guarantee highest network availabilities for broadband services even under hardest conditions. Together with our offer for optimized airtime, a one-stop solution called "connectivity" is brought to every vessel. DSi-Series EPAK's DSi satellite VSAT antennas are specifically designed to master the tough requirements in Deep Seas. Excellent pointing accuracy guarantees network availability even under the most challenging conditions. Distinguished Technology EPAK...

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Dish size Frequency LNB type Max. BUC power Tracking speed Elevation range Azimuth range Polarization range Cross level range Motion system 3-axis plus auto skew 3-axis plus auto skew

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COMPLETE SOLUTIONS EPAK is your one-stop provider for Internet or TV on Board. Professional Consulting & Planning: Rely on EPAK's expert advice during the process of finding the right product – and beyond. All customers benefit from tailored solutions and continuous support. Hardware: EPAK maritime satellite antennas are assembled and tested under one roof. The straight and highly efficient communication between the R&D team and the production ensures steadily ongoing improvements as well as development of new products and features. With our expert knowledge we are flexible to realise...

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Add-Ons A number of add-ons can be added to make the broadband service fit your vessel's requirements: Telemedical assistance Back-up Vessel Network Management for crew calling Redundant antenna with automatic handover (DivKit) Voice over IP Conversion between Ku- and Ka-band Hotspot management

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FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS PACKAGE OFFER by way of example 2 Years Warranty on parts and labour Three axis (roll, pitch, yaw) maritime tracking antenna for satellite communication Plus unlimited remote support, consulting, airtime management ACU 16W BUC iDirect X7 Modem Online UPS Transport Box AIRTIMESERVICE - Monthly Data Plan Service: worldwide coverage Data: unlimited Contention: 1:10 Contract duration: 12 months Bandwidth option medium 2 Mbps down/ 1 Mpbs upload Bandwidth option large 4 Mbps down/ 1 Mpbs upload Installation & Commissioning on board Inspection & Maintenance Spare Part Kit...

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Platforms and ships of the oil and gas offshore industry Research platforms European River Cruise Fleets Coast guards Ferries Private yachts Ships of the European inland navigation German and international marine projects Ships of fishing fleets CUSTOMERS (SELECTION)

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In order to be always one step ahead, EPAK cooperates in several projects with some of the most important companies in the technological field. Vision, Strategy and Teamwork lead us and our partners towards Innovation for everyone. PUBLIC PROJECTS

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