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Coastal Internet Switch from Satellite Internet to 3G/ 4G when approaching the coast Plug & Play LTE Internet 4G / LTE internet modem integrated in antenna control unit 2 slots for data SIMs from multiple providers, offering best rates and performance per location Customizable prioritization and fallback settings for automatic handover between satellite connection / 4G Low-cost, high-speed connectivity which can be used up to 20 miles out from shore

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Satellite coverage Connection scheme (only for PRO Series) Satellite VSAT or TV WI-FI COVERAGE Webinterface Access via webinterface for registration of new SIM cards, prioritization and monitoring availability status. VESSEL NETWORK 1 - Enter phone number ***

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION VSAT antenna AOA-M4G LTE Multiband Omnidirectional Antenna Installation LTE Region Europe North America Asia Australia South America Africa APAC 150 Mbps Cable from ACU to LTE antenna MaxUpload Speed Coax cable with <18dB cable attenuation for best performance, with 1x SMA- and 1x N-Plug up to max 20 m: RG58 LSNH double shielded coax cable, 50 Ohm up to max 40 m: LMR240, Low-Loss coax cable with a copper core, 50 Ohm up to max 60 m: LMR400 or EcoFlex10 Technical data Antenna weight Antenna dimensions Operating temperature For more information visit or...

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