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Connected Industrial Connected Plant BALLAST WATER SAMPLINGConnected Worker SOLUTIONS Sampling and Analysing Ballast Water During Ship Inspections Industrial Cyber Security Connected Industrial Connected Plant Connected Worker Industrial Cyber Security

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The Ballast water convention is not only about water treatment - it is also a lot about sampling and verifying. When it comes to sampling the ballast water, IMO guidelines recognize two ways: “in-line” sampling and “in-tank” sampling. The challenges faced by the authorities in charge of verifying the compliance are quite serious: • Some ballast water systems produce gaseous by-products, like hydrogen and chlorine • Some leave in the water “active ingredients’, which must be neutralized before discharge • A proficient biological laboratory may not be at convenient distance • Lack of...

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The Deck valve Made of stainless steel with high Molybdenum content and PFTE seals: Approved and certified for marine application, and designed to last at least longer than the ship on which they are installed. The deck valve is the perfect solution to ensure easy sampling operations and prevent against water contamination and release of gases. Other ways to access the ballast water without discharging usually involve opening deck screw holes or opening manholes. The deck valve provides obvious advantages over those methods in terms of speed, safety and practicality. Deck Valves, Samplers...

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The Sampler The Hermetic sampler GTX is designed for the maximum security of operations while keeping the operations simple and quick. HERMetic Sampler Graduated Tape GTXChem Visible by the Window

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Bottles The four bottles types have been designed to fulfill the difficult requirements of Ballast water gauging : some inspections are based on getting a representative sample of the water column (running bottle); Other inspections or scientific sampling activities require to collect exclusively the top surface of the water (zone bottle), or the bottom of the tank (bottom bottle), or a sample taken at a precise height (spot bottle). Standard bottles carry 430ml of liquid, and are used in tanks without sounding pipes or with vertical sounding pipes. Reduced bottles carry only 130ml, which...

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Why Closed Gauging According to the condition of the ballast tank and the Water treatment method selected, water in ballast tanks may be covered by layers of gas like hydrogen, chlorine, or other active substances. Opening the ballast tank to the open air may present a risk to the personal operating. If the sound pipe openings are blocked or inexistent, the level inside the sound pipe may rise quickly when opening the tank and a cloud of vapor be spit around the working personal. Using Closed gauging valves and instruments helps prevent these potential issues, as they do in the hydrocarbon...

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Service and support Honeywell Tanksystem offers unmatched support and a range of services to help ship owners and operators optimize their equipment usage and run their operations smoothly, while complying with all pertinent regulations. Since 1983,Honeywell has maintained complete traceability of all its ship installations and interventions. This allows immediate identification of the equipment type, configuration and related parts to address user needs in minimal time. The combination of Honeywell’s global network of experienced technicians, remote parts warehouses and certified service...

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