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Temperature Sensor Datasheet 1. Description The Temperature Sensor measures temperature of alternators or batteries and reports the measured values to the connected regulator. It is compatible with E-MAAX CSR, PRO, and PLUS series regulators. The Temperature Sensor is designed to be mounted directly onto alternator or battery on a temperature representative surface via 8mm (5/16”) mounting lug. When mounting, care must be taken to provide good mechanical contact between the sensor and the surface for adequate heat transfer. Sensor’s electrical circuits are isolated from its housing. Sensor’s LED provides a visual indication of the temperature state by the sequence of flashes. Temperature in the normal operating range, the indicator flashes once in 2 seconds. As the temperature reaches the upper safe operating limit for the device (Battery= 40°C, Alternator=90°C), if flashes once a second. When the temperature reaches the maximum (Battery= 50°C , Alternator=100°C), it flashes 3 times in a second. Sensors anodized black are for the batteries. Sensors anodized silver are for the alternators. 2. Specifications Parameter Measured temperature range Measurement accuracy Weight Housing material Mounting lug size Operating range Protection Maximum allowable shock Maximum allowable relative humidity Units Celsius deg Celsius deg grams Celsius deg G % Canada: 5552 King St, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B3 Phone: 905-945-8800 Fax: 905-563-8806 USA: Unit 5, 6405 Inducon Drive West, Sanborn, NY 14132 1-866-945-8801 Revisio

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Temperature Sensor Datasheet 3. Electrical specifications Parameter DC voltage supply range Current consumption LED color Visual indication flashing frequencies Cable ratings Communications format Wire colors designations Connector pin-out Value 6 .. 20 0.020 Green 0.5 (temperature in normal operating range) 1.0 (temperature reaches upper safe limit) 3.0 (temperature reaches upper limit) Gauge: 20 AWG Material: tinned copper strands Strand size: Ø 0.16 mm Insulator Material: PVC Jacket Color: black Diameter: 5.5 mm RS-485 black – battery negative (isolated from the housing) red – DC supply...

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