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E-MAAX PRO Regulator Datasheet 1. Description E-MAAX PRO Regulator optimizes alternator output based on;  System load  Battery type  Battery state of charge  Current and voltage sensing The battery charging profile is programmed based of battery type for the common batteries (Lead Acid / AGM / Gel / FireFly / Custom-LiFePO4 / “LiFePO4 MAAX”) in both 12 and 24 Volt and “P” or “N” alternator configurations. The PRO has two LED’s which function as visual status indicators and fault diagnostics. 2. Specifications Parameter Weight Housing material Operating range Protection Maximum allowable shock Maximum allowable relative humidity Units grams Celsius deg G % All units are millimeters (inches) Canada: 5552 King St, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B3 Phone: 905-945-8800 Fax: 905-563-8806 USA: Unit 5, 6405 Inducon Drive West, Sanborn, NY 14132 1-866-945-88

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E-MAAX PRO Regulator Datasheet 3. Electrical specifications Parameter DC supply voltage Current consumption Maximum Field current Power Cable ratings Communications format Peripherals connector functions Power cable functions Value 6-40 0.030 8 Gauge: 14 AWG Material: tinned copper strands Insulator Material: PVC Jacket Color: black Diameter: 13 mm RS-485 1 - black – battery negative 2 - red – DC supply 3 - white – communication lead “A” 4 - yellow – communication lead “B” 1 - black – battery negative 2 – white – Ignition input 3 – red - battery positive 4 - brown - Field output 5 – green –...

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E-MAAX PRO Regulator Datasheet 5. Visual Indication PRO Regulator has two LED indicators. Left indicator works only when the ignition is inactive and there is no regulation. Lighting sequence Meaning Regulator is powered up, ignition is switched off. It flashes (ISO) green every 6 seconds. Regulator is busy reporting its settings to external PC Regulator is busy importing its settings from external PC and the settings have not been accepted Regulator is busy importing its settings from external PC and the settings have been updated Right indicator works only when the ignition is active and...

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E-MAAX PRO Regulator Datasheet Field reduction: Com Module PLUS, when connected to the regulator, allows reduction of the regulator’s Field Output to divert engine power from generating electricity to rotating the propellers if needed. Com Module PLUS reduces Field Output in 10% increments, down to 30% of its nominal value for the current charging conditions. Field reduction is indicated by the right LED flashing red once and is re-set automatically when the ignition is switched off. Warning condition: Warning condition is a special mode of regulation when the Field Outputs are reduced to...

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