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Com Module PLUS 1. Description The COM Module PLUS is compatible with E-MAAX PRO and PLUS series regulators. It provides four functions; 1. A USB connection point for a PC to display system data, and to read or modify the regulator settings; 2. A Bluetooth connection point for a PC when USB is not available. When connected to a PC via Bluetooth link, only system status display is available (no “write” capability). 3. Houses the Field Reduction Switches (FRS) which commands the regulator to reduce the alternator’s field coil current (Field output) in 10% increments down to 30% of its nominal value for the current charging conditions. Such reduction reduces engine load in conditions where maximum engine power is desired. 4. Provides both a Fault LED and an audible alarm that sounds (ISO -2 seconds) when the system is in a critical fault condition. A “critical” fault will reduce the alternator output to 10% until the fault condition is resolved. The audible alarm will continue to sound until the fault is resolved. Field output is restricted to 10% in order to avoid damage to the charging system. The system is placed into the Fault condition due to one or more of the following conditions: a) The battery’s temperature reaches 50°C b) The alternator’s temperature reaches 100°C c) The regulator’s temperature reaches 90°C d) In-line fuse on the power supply line is blown e) Overvoltage There are two buttons on the Com Module PLUS. The “UP” (green) button increases the Field output, and the “DOWN” (white) button decreases it. Short depression of either button changes the Field output by 10% increments in the respective direction. Holding down the white button for two seconds cuts the Field output by 50%. Holding down the green button for two seconds restores the Field output to 100%. The green FRS (Field Reduction Switch) LED provides a visual indication of the switch status state by the frequency of flashes listed in the table below. When the engine ignition is switched off, the FRS LED indicator is not lit and the FRS is re-set to 100%. The green USB LED or the blue BT (Bluetooth) LED provides a visual indication of the data exchange between the PC and the Com Module PLUS. 2. Dimensional outline 137.7 126.0 "UP" BUTTON Canada: 5552 King St, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B3 Phone: 905-945-8800 Fax: 905-563-8806 USA: Unit 5, 6405 Inducon Drive West, Sanborn, NY 14132 1-866-945

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Com Module PLUS All units are millimeters 3. Specifications Parameter Weight Housing material Operating range Protection Maximum allowable shock Maximum allowable relative humidity Units grams Celsius deg G % Value 6 .. 20 0.020 Blue – connection / data exchange Units Volts Amps - Green– data exchange Red – indicates critical fault Green – indications see below Field Reduction Switch inactive – 0.5 10% reduction – 1 20% reduction – 2 30% reduction – 3 40% reduction – 4 50% reduction – 5 60% reduction – 6 70% reduction - 7 Gauge: 20 AWG Material: tinned copper strands Strand size: Ø 0.16 mm...

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5. USB connection to a PC The COM Module PLUS is compatible with “Windows 7” or higher operating systems and does not require any special drivers. All the required driver files are a part of the operating system, and load automatically when the device is plugged in the first time. The USB connection has priority over the Bluetooth connection and will disconnect the Bluetooth when USB connection is established. The regulator settings can only be modified through a USB connection. The USB LED will flash during data exchange with Com Module PLUS. 6. Bluetooth connection to a PC The COM Module...

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Com Module PLUS European Union Certification Worldwide Testing Services (Taiwan) Co., Ltd Health EMC Radio Notified Body Opinion (3.2) Eurofins Product Service GmbH Notice ElectroMaax reserves the right to make product modifications or discontinue products without notice. Customers are advised to obtain latest written specifications prior to ordering products. Information provided by ElectroMaax is believed to be accurate at the time of its release. Products sales are subject to the ElectroMaax Terms of Sales in force at the time of order acknowledgment. ElectroMaax products are not...

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