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Elan E line catalogue

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Elan E Line Yachts A new generation of yachts, offering a perfect balance between performance, comfort, easy handling, and safety without compromise. Elan E Line yachts are some of the most competitive sailing yachts available today. Benefiting from “Humphreys Yacht Design” Volvo Ocean Race 70 yacht designs, Elan inherits many features from these ultimate racing machines such as twin rudders, a T-shaped performance keel, a chined hull for minimum drag, and the latest 3D VAIL infusion technology. With state-of-the-art deck equipment positioned for optimum performance and a fine-tuned sail...

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The Elan E Line delivers uncompromised sailing performance and cruising comfort. The E Line is based on Elan’s signature performance-oriented boatbuilding heritage, while ensuring impeccable cruising capabilities both on deck and below. The Elan E Series offers true dual-purpose yachts without compromise.

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Elan’s boatbuilding tradition began in 1949 with kayaks, canoes, and small boat production from waterproof wood. Early commercial success came in the 1950s, when a large number of small craft were exported to the United States. The 1960s heralded the dawn of reinforced polyester, a revolutionary material that Elan used for racing kayaks and boats. In the following decade, the yard launched its first sailboats and its most successful small vessel, selling ten thousand units in the following years. The 1980s were synonymous with a significant shift toward the production of larger...

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world firsts Elan 31S: first boat feat: spoiler transom first serial production in VAIL technology Elan 333: first in class feat: wheel instead of tiller E310: first in class feat. chines and double rudders E320: first in class with double wheel Deck Saloon: first in class i494: first boat under fifty feet with galley forward GT5: first forty-foot boat with galley forward and 180° panoramic coachroof windows

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created not produced. 1 Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design. Every yacht coming from Elan’s 16.000 sq meter boatyard in Slovenia is the result of our 70-year long passion for innovation-oriented quality boatbuilding. 1 Elan Yachts is a boutique manufacturer, creating each yacht with passion and dedication. Every yacht produced is the pride of the company for decades to come. 2 Your yacht is built by our highly skilled craftsmen with great care and attention to every detail. 3 We want to make sure that your yacht is in perfect condition...

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main features TWIN RUDDER SYSTEM: Due to the wider and flatter hull design, twin rudders are more efficient than a single rudder, providing exceptional control and reducing the tendency to broach. The yacht does not stall easily, her pitching moment is reduced, and directional control is superb! + more effective rudder control, especially when heeled + lighter loads on the helm and easier work for the autopilot + more stable and direct feel, especially downwind + reduces tendency to broach + two independent rudder systems (does not need an emergency tiller) T-SHAPED KEEL: The keel has a...

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The Elan E Line yachts offer the most enhanced standard in their class. The 2019 Elan E Line yachts now come with the most enhanced standard package on the market; with high-performance sailing solutions as prominent as comfort-centered features.

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The DAME design award-winning control panel is now installed on all E Line yachts, as a carbon-fiber retractable bowsprit, a genoa furling system, and adjustable split backstays. This is in the standard and covers the majority of your performance and race sailing needs. Larger steering pedestals with grab rails are now also part of the standard offer, along with a fully-equipped galley and head, a hot water system, curtains and blinds over the windows and hatches, and natural oak veneer on the interior furniture with solid wood finish. The boutique nature of the E Line yachts is especially...

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pure performance option Every Elan E Line yacht is also available in an enhanced performance configuration. The ultimate performance is achieved by weight reduction in the hull construction, deck construction, and lightweight interior, which results in an enhanced-performance sailing yacht while remaining true to the Elan philosophy of a yacht that fits both performance and cruising purposes.

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construction and specification–enhanced The hull is laminated with the latest VAIL (vacuum assisted infusion lamination) technology in full vinylester including the skin coat to considerably improve the strength and the mechanical and chemical properties of the hull. Using an SVG gelcoat, the Elan team achieved optimum chemical resistance against osmosis. The hull is built in a sandwich construction using multidirectional fiberglass, a structural closed-cell foam core, and a single skin on loaded areas. The powerful inner structure distributes all loads from the keel and rig effectively...

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The Elan E5 is designed for demanding sailors seeking a perfect balance between serious regatta-winning performance and elegant yet dynamic lines with abundant space and comfort. Her hard chines, twin rudders, twin-wheel arrangement with precise steering, and state-of-the-art deck equipment positioned for short-handed sailing provide superb sailing performance. The interior offers carefully designed spaces with plenty of natural light and light and airy cabins, combined with a spacious saloon.

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exterior The new Elan E5 represents a new direction for Elan Yachts, featuring breathtaking design and exciting features such as hard chines, twin rudders, twin wheels with Jefa steering, state-of-the-art deck equipment positioned for easy short-handed sailing, an integrated toerail, flush deck hatches, an optional swim platform just above the waterline, a lifting cockpit table, and a gangway. 2 1 Deck equipment is positioned for easy short-handed sailing. 2 Recessed mainsheet traveler for precise trimming. 3 Folding platform option for enjoyable swimming.

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