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Catalogue - 1

DUTY BOATS FOR DIRTY SPOTS EFINOR multipurpose VESSELS for cleanup and depollution unique and innovative patented -double flow technology

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Catalogue - 2

efinor sea cleaner multipurpose cleanup vessels efinor sea cleaner a subsidiary of efinor group EFINOR Group is well-known in the metalworking industry and provides various and complementary skills such as engineering, manufacturing and maintenance. Since 1988, the Group has started working on all naval activities in France. Since then, the Group has tackled the whole ship building industry, both civil and military, and also, high-speed vessels with high added value. Today, EFINOR GROUP is considered a Tier 1 sub-contracting integrator for prestigious customers such as Naval Group or...

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Catalogue - 3

DUTY BOATS FOR DIRTY SPOTS EXPERTISE & KNOW-HOW Design office Research & Development New builds Repairs - Maintenance in operational condition Aluminium / Stainless steel / Inox International marketing INTEGRATED QUALITY DEPARTMENT Continuous improvement of our products and our know-how. DYNAMIC & FLEXIBLE TEAMS Delivery / Commissioning / Training A swift after sales service Maintenance Contracts

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Catalogue - 4

2 SHIPYARDS sites, + @©@© m2 ©f covered areas EFINOR SEA CLEANER stands out with its design and manufacture of multipurpose cleanup vessels. We bring to the market a unique and innovative patented technology to collect all types of floating waste. 2 design efinor sea cleaner NAVAL ARCHITECTURE CFD • Computational Fluid Dynamics. FEA • Finite Element Analysis. CAx • 3D models and plans.

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Catalogue - 5

• Overhead cranes • 1 plasma cutting machine • 1 digital folder • Machining tools • Direct access to the launching dock • Traveler lift : 70 T • Traveler lift’s dimensions: 20 x 7 m • Careening area • The writing and editing of technical specifications and reports • The follow up of construction and commissioning • Production planification and organization • Reliability of technology • Guaranteed performances • The application of National and International classification rules multipurpose vessels WASTE CLEANERl 6 to 9 m Coastal and inland waterways cleaning 10 to 13 m Cleanup and services...

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Catalogue - 6

efinor sea cleaner stands out for the design and the manufacturing of multipurpose cleanup vessels. we bring to the market a unique patented technology to collect all types of floating waste whether solid or liquid.

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Catalogue - 7

Arms are extended to increase the collection width A flow is created at the front to suck in floating pollution solid waste & hydrocarbons This flow, initiated by a turbine, goes through a tank decanter DOUBLE FLOW TECHNOLOGY The waste collector filters and stops all the solid waste sucked in by the flow. From the waste collector, the flow is separated into two parts Surface waters, polluted by oil and hydrocarbons, go through the separator. These hydrocarbons are stored in thickness without creating an emulsion the waste collector moves up and discharges the waste into a container on the...

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Catalogue - 9

DUTY BOATS FOR our vessels SPOTS Simultaneous recovery of the solid & liquid wastes Unsurpassed suction, collection and filtration capabilities Internal storage within the hull Automation, hydraulic actuators High mobility Low cost of ownership and maintenance Ease of operation Road gauge (WasteCleaner) Self-floating arms (MultiCleaner and SpillCleaner) Safe engines (Protected propellers) Safety for the crew Cleanup functions are controlled from the wheelhouse, preventing the crew from inhaling and coming into contact with the hydrocarbons. All components are hydraulic, minimizing handling....

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Catalogue - 10

+ more than 100 cleanup boats sold across the globe • a perfect knowledge of the market • quick responses that are adapted to local constraints • a good listening and adapting capacity to integrate each client’s requirements • customer loyalty through trust and sincere business relationship zoom on some references And many more. Please consult us If you need specific references. numbers vessel type Suez Canal, Egypt 3 International port, Taiwan 2 Port of Brussels, Belgium 1 Service company, China 4 Service company, Italy 3 Service company, Spain 2 Port of Mailiao, Taiwan 1 Service company,...

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Catalogue - 11

WASTEcleaner Coastal and Inland Water Cleanup WASTECLEANER 66 WASTECLEANER 83 WASTECLEANER 92 MULTIcleaner Cleaning and intervention at sea, rivers and large ports 100 105 117 128 MULTICLEANER MULTICLEANER MULTICLEANER MULTICLEANER SPILLcleaner / FASTcleaner Offshore surveillance and cleaning on the high seas SPILLCLEANER SPILLCLEANER FASTCLEANER SPILLCLEANER SPILLCLEANER

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Catalogue - 12

CORE APPLICATIONS Solid wastes Plastics, driftwood, bottles, cans... Hydrocarbons oil, gasoil, petrol, lubrication oil Black / grey waters collecting Floating chemicals Plants (weed cutter option) Jellyfishes Sewage discharge Coastal and Inland Water Cleanup In ports, both solid and liquid waste often accumulates along jetties and in tight corners where access is difficult. Cylindrical side rollers make it possible to intervene between ships, along pontoons or along quays. WasteCleaners are marine vacuum cleaners the surface of the water only requiring a single operator. Vessels from 6 m to...

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Catalogue - 13

Available in 50 HP petrol outboard Exists in a fast version with a 200 H P outboard.

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Catalogue - 14

CORE APPLICATIONS Hydrocarbons Solid wastes Black / grey waters collecting Plants sargasso, hyacinths... Maritime operations Coast / Fishing surveillance Firefighting Crane lifting Towing Merchandise carrying Personnel transportation Cleaning and intervention at sea, rivers and large ports MultiCleaner are true multipurpose boats, combining workboat features with cleanup capabilities. Built in aluminium, following international standards and classification rules, they can be assigned to various missions. In case of oil spills, they are immediately ready to collect and this even in heavy...

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Catalogue - 15

Solid waste / max. load Liquid waste Suction capacity MULTIcleaner 105 Length Solid Waste Liquid wastes Suction capacity MULTIcleaner 117 Length Solid Waste Liquid wastes Suction capacity MULTIcleaner 128 Length Solid Waste Liquid wastes Suction capacity

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