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YOU’VE WORKED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE TO BE ABLE TO ENJOY LIFE TO ITS FULLEST. YOU DEMAND THE VERY BEST IN YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR LEISURE TIME, YOUR PASSIONS... urger Boats are handcrafted to each owners exact specifications. Right down to the wheels. When their owner’s want the best, they choose Edson. Tender Photo Courtesy Burger Boats

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THE VISION IN YOUR MIND IS CLEAR: A YACHT BUILT EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT – UNLIKE ANY OTHER IN THE WORLD. THREE YEARS OF PLANNING, BUILDING AND OUTFITTING WILL GO INTO CREATING YOUR Rick Tomlinson Photos Twin Teak/Holly/Carbon Laminate Wheels his exquisite wheel, shown on the Farr 115 SOJANA, features teak and holly wood laminates with virtually invisible scarf joints. The level of construction and finish in these wheels is unmatched, and as a result, they quickly become the focal point on the finest vessels. 5

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YOU ENVISION A CUSTOM YACHT THAT IS ELEGANT, YET HANDLES LIKE YOUR FIRST SMALL BOAT – ABLE TO CROSS OCEANS, YET A PLEASURE TO SAIL WITH FINGERTIP CONTROL... altic Yacht’s 46m (152’) combines classic styling with the most modern technology available. The steering was designed to give the helmsman sensitivity and feedback unequaled in a yacht of this size. Twin composite wheels epitomize elegance and traditional design. Twin Teak/Holly/Carbon Laminate Wheels - Multi-Mode Steerer 6 Rendering Courtesy Baltic Yachts

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YOU DEMAND THE HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS AND CRAFTSMANSHIP IN EVERY FURNISHING, SYSTEM AND FIXTURE... THE ONE YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS THE MOST... Photos Courtesy of MJM Yachts JM Yacht’s traditional lines and classic good looks demand a wheel that have those same qualities. Edson’s Teak Rimmed Destroyer Wheel is warm to the touch, elegant and feather light. It adds the ultimate touch of class to any yacht of distinction. “You can tell the quality of the boat by the quality of the Wheel. I always look for Edson.” 8 Experienced Powerboat Buyer

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YOU CONNECT TO YOUR YACHT THROUGH THE WHEEL. T he Edson Tri-Spoke Composite Wheel is shown on SIZZLER, a custom 60’ daysailor designed by Tony Castro and built by The Coeur d’Alene Resort Boat Shop. EDSON CONNECTS YOU WITH YOUR PASSION. Albermarle, builders of premium sportfishing boats, offers Edson wheels to their most discerning customers. Reflecting quality and craftsmanship unsurpassed in the industry, the functional elegance of the Edson Powerwheel compliments the Albermarle’s helm station. Neil Rabinowitz Photo Photo Courtesy Albemarle Boats

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CUSTOM YACHT WHEELS FOR POWER AND SAIL T his exquisite wheel features teak and holly wood laminates, together with areas of beautifully clear-coated carbon-weave laminate. The spokes are carefully sculpted into the teak and holly rim for a very comfortable grip for the helmsman, as well as a robust connection of the spokes to the wheel rim. The wheel rim is constructed of alternating layers of teak and holly creating a beautiful contrast of two classic maritime woods. The level of construction and finish in these wheels is unmatched, and as a result, they quickly become the focal point on...

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CUSTOM YACHT WHEELS FOR POWER AND SAIL E dson’s Tri-Spoke Composite Hybrid Wheels offer the ability to easily reach through the wheel to access pedestal mounted instruments - free from interference from wheel spokes. The TriSpoke Wheels features a unique blend of materials to achieve significant weight savings with a contemporary styled wheel. The hub and spokes are molded in carbon and feature a structural component designed to give the wheel spokes rigidity and strength. The rim is hand-made by master craftsmen and shaped for the perfect fit in your hand. Composite Hybrid Wheel - Teak or...

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CUSTOM YACHT WHEELS FOR POWER AND SAIL E dson’s Teak Rim Destroyer Wheels are warm to the touch, elegant in appearance and feather light. They feature hollow, tapered stainless spokes and a highly polished hub, just like their stainless cousins, but with a ergonomically shaped solid laminated 1-1/4” (32mm) natural teak rim, sanded smooth, ready for the finish of your choice. These wheels are the perfect way to upgrade the look of any power boat helm or sailboat cockpit . They will add a beautiful centerpiece to your yacht. Teak Rim Destroyer Wheel • Straight or Tapered hub • 16”(406mm) -...

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CUSTOM YACHT WHEELS FOR POWER AND SAIL E dson’s Classic Teak Yacht Wheel is the Original. In production for over 125 years, this is a wheel that belongs on any classic yacht or stately passagemaker. Created by thirdgeneration master craftsmen, the skills and artistry that go in to making these wheels have been passed down from generation to generation, ensuring a consistency and quality that can only be attained by the hand-crafted talents of their builders. Although extremely elegant, the Classic Teak Yacht Wheel is not just a showpiece for a wall. It is handcrafted to the highest...

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TWO HOURS TO ABACO. AS YOU REACH FOR THE AUTOPILOT, THE SOFT COMFORTGRIP™ FINGER GRIPS ON THE EDSON WHEEL FEEL GREAT IN YOUR HANDS. cean Yachts relies on the quality of Edson Pro-Series PowerWheels on their offshore sportfishers. Edson’s PowerWheels are one of the best ways to upgrade the look and feel of your boat. They feature a classic design yet have a contemporary styling – equally at home in a finely appointed pilothouse or an all-business sportfish flybridge. Photos Courtesy Ocean Yachts

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YOUR CREW’S HOOKED UP WITH A FISH “Out in the flats it always seems I need three hands. The Edson PowerKnob lets me easily steer onehanded, leaving a hand free for the throttle, a rod, net, or to reach for my pliers. This wheel looks like a piece of jewelry, but it’s built like a tank.” – AND WON’T LET GO TILL IT’S LANDED. Capt. Lindsay Harper, Flats Guide Key West, FL YOU’RE HOOKED UP WITH YOUR EDSON WHEEL – YOU’RE NOT LETTING GO EITHER. YOU BOTH HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN YOUR EQUIPMENT. “I have my hands on the wheel more than any piece of equipment on my boat. Edson’s Comfort Grip Wheel...

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