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Sailboat Steering Systems & Wheels - 1

Edson’s complete line of Sailboat Steering Systems and Wheels are built to stand the test of time and deliver performance around the buoys, around the bay, and around the world. Innovative system solutions inlcude Chain & Wire, Compact Geared CD-i, Traditional Wormgears, Rack & Pinion, and fully custom solutions. Pedestals Classic Series #336, #402 - Chain & Wire #464-CD-i Vision II #476B - Chain & Wire *AII Pedestals are shown with optional accessories and wheels Internal Steerers Bulkhead Steerer #418 Heavy Duty Shelf Steerer #440 &#441 Ultra-Light Flange Steerer #425 Grand Prix Pedestal Insert Steerer #435

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Sailboat Steering Systems & Wheels - 2

More Details at WWW Conduit I Quadrants & Radials I Sheaves & Assemblies I Chain & Wire Steering Wire Kits #773xx Wire Rope Tensioning Kits #7700x Chain to Vectran Adapter #635-060 Adjustable Crossed-Wire Idlers #776 &#712 Articu-Lock Sheave Assemblies #626 and #622

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Sailboat Steering Systems & Wheels - 3

(508) 995-9711 Destroyer Wheels (Stainless, Leather-covered, and Teak Rims) #645 &#647 Bi-Spoke Destroyer Wheels Wheel Nuts (Stainless and Wood Laminated Rims) #673- #68°-#826-#640 #960-A-2105 Tiller Arms ■ Traditional ■ Wheels Diamond Series Double Black Diamond Wheel Wheel Teak Yacht Wheel Teak Yacht Wheel with Teak Rim #601 Tiller Head Fittings #965

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Sailboat Steering Systems & Wheels - 4

58” Staight Guard Kit 58” Angled Guard Kit 58” Offset Guard Kit #1600 #1620 #1610 Pedestal Guard Kit’s come with Pedestal Guard Feet & Pedestal Guard _Top Plate (Seen on the left of each guard)_ Pedestal Guard Feet #310ST-100-125 Pedestal Guard Top Plate #1625ST “Mechanical Shift” Clutch and Throttle #751 ST Single Flub Sprockets #636 Double Flub Sprockets #855 Thru-Shaft Brake Rebuild CD-i Pedestal Maintenance Kit Pedestal Bolts Kit #312-CDI #646 Edson International 146 Duchaine Blvd. New Bedford, MA 02745

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