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Marine Electronics tems EASY THREE STEP ORDERING Electronics Mounting System " 1 2 Select Mount Style and Height Select REQUIRED Mounting Plate Contact Edson for Custom-built Mounts Our Design Team will work with you to fabricate the ultimate solution for mounting your electronics. #68350 for 4’ Open Array/Sat Dome

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More Details at WWW.€ fi- Vertical Radar, Satellite, Dome Light, or Camera Mounts Vision Mount Accessories & Lights | Mounting Plates | Mounts 6” -#68730 f Light Arm Attachment available J Light Arms Light Arm Attachment not available Universal Plates also Available J #68640 (for angled mounts) #68800 (for vertical mounts) Navigation Lights #67533 Meteor NavLight Features stainless-steel collar that allows you to lower the light without tools for trailering. 1 meter tall construction satisfies U.S. Coast Guard requirements. GPS Mount with Light Extension Mounts to Light Arm (not...

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Secondary Pole Supports iPole Base Mounts iPole Mount Accessories! Sailboat Mounts FUymarine Leveling Kits Pole Mounts Standard Pole Kit #67460 Anodized Aluminum pole 90” tall x 2-3/8" dia. 1" Rail Support Bracket Deck Mount Base Flange Includes top casting #68820 ' #983-35-X (3-1/2” dia.) #983-23-X (2-3/8” dia.) Outboard Lifting Crane 30” Lifting Crane (2-3/8” Pole) - #68150 (Shown) 30” Lifting Crane (3-1/2” Pole) - #68152 Deluxe Pole Kit #67470 White powder coated aluminum pole 144” tall x 3-1/2" dia. 55” Fiberglass thru-deck mounting tube Includes top casting #68820 Pole Mounting Clamps...

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Chartplotter/Radar/MFD Housings Stainless Mounts ■ Tiller Arms for Electronic Accessories (ms v, vg, and i%” Diameter Rails) #831ST-3-DISK_J Instrument Housings and MountsVisit for additional specifications and a list of compatible displays for each pod. #2000-105x65D (Mounting Area:10.20”W x 5.72”H) Edson International 146 Duchaine Blvd. New Bedford, MA 02745

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