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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 2

Who We Are Ecocoast is the global leader in pioneering solutions for sustainable coastal and marine development. Ecocoast is at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and distributing globally a range of marine and coastal protection, demarcation, navigation, safety and security products. We have been engineering and manufacturing alternative, sustainable solutions for companies that are seeking technical expert advice and fit-for-purpose marine solutions for over 10 years. We solve problems. We engineer a complete solution to any marine problem our clients encounter. The Ocean Cleanup...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 4

Marine Protection Product Range Overview Silt Curtains Control and Contain Silt and Sediment Ecobarrier Rigid Frame Containment Booms Control Foam & Floating Debris to Prevent Water Pollution Ecobarrier Foam Booms Ecobarrier Debris Nets Protect Marine Environment from Oil Spills Ecobarrier Foam-Filled Oil Booms Ecobarrier Solid Flotation Booms Ecobarrier Harbour Booms Coastal Protection & Dewatering Geosynthetics for Coastal Protection, Temporary Marine Structures or Dewatering Applications Ecobarrier Geosynthetic Containers Ecobarrier Dewatering Containers Ecobarrier Detachable Float Nets...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 5

Marine Protection Ecobarrier Silt Curtains are designed to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities. They are designed and manufactured to Gulf specifications, meaning that they have reinforcing layers and tension bands for additional durability. They are built to last. The curtains can be tailored to suit specific conditions and project requirements. Coming from a contracting background, we understand both the design and installation requirements, and specifically engineer the Ecobarrier Silt Curtains for...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 6

Marine Protection Containment booms mainly help control the spread of accumulated rubbish, foam, construction debris and other marine debris, providing easy removal from the water. Ecocoast designs, manufactures, supplies and installs a range of containment booms under the brand Ecobarrier. As every construction site and marine environment is different, the booms can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the project requirements. Coming from a contracting background, we have used all Ecobarrier product solutions on our own projects and therefore provide after-sales support that cannot...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 7

Marine Protection Oil Booms Protect Marine Environment from Oil Spills Oil booms are primarily used in port, harbour, pipeline and intake projects to protect marine areas from the damage caused by oil discharge. Besides product delivery, the full service cycle of installation, maintenance and removal can also be provided. They also serve to protect marine areas from unwanted debris, and can be implemented in marinas and waterways as well. Our contracting background allows us to offer tried and tested products. We know what works and what does not work. Product Range Ecobarrier Foam-Filled...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 8

Marine Protection Coastal Protection & Dewatering Geosynthetics for Coastal Protection or Dewatering Applications There is a noticeable trend in the market towards sustainable development, and an increasing demand for structures to be designed and constructed using alternative, sustainable methods. Geotextile materials are used as a solution for conventional and non-conventional marine and coastal problems, due to their design flexibility, environmental benefits, durability, safety and reduced cost. The design and installation of these kind of structures is a specialized field, one which...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 9

Marine Protection Coastal Protection Barriers Coastal Protection Barriers Ecobarrier Geosynthetic Containers Ecobarrier Geosynthetic Containers are used as an alternative solution for coastal protection or temporary marine structures. The technology has been used for more than 50 years. Geosynthetic containers have a smaller footprint and lesser impact on the environment than hard structures, such as rock, concrete and gabions, and are fabricated using specially engineered materials, to meet durability and environmental requirements. Where our Ecobarrier Geosynthetic Containers are selected...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 10

Marine Protection Jellyfish Nets Protect Swimmers by Providing Netted Bathing Areas Jellyfish nets are primarily used at public, private and hotel beaches to protect swimmers from jellyfish within a confined area. They also perform a similar role (or may form part) of a swimming barrier to demarcate a safe swimming area or a debris boom to protect a swimming area from rubbish. Our Ecobarrier Detachable Float Nets are custom made, and designed for quick and easy maintenance, repositioning, re-installation or removal. The nets can be supplied as a stand-alone barrier or detachable barrier...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 11

Marine Pollution Management Product Range Overview Environment Booms For Marine Debris and Pollution Control at Vulnerable Sites Bolina Environment Booms Bubble Curtains Tackle Marine Pollution Caused by Noise, Turbidity, Floating and Subsurface Debris Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains Custom Solutions Customized Solutions to Suit Project and Client Needs, Budgets and Timeframes Custom Solutions (here pictured: The Ocean Cleanup)

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 12

Solutions to Protect our Marine Environment Marine pollution is a rising global challenge, which needs to be addressed from multiple angles, both behavioral and technological, and from prevention to restoration. Ecocoast was a pioneer in designing and manufacturing the strongest silt curtain globally, the first to use pile sleeves as an alternative to pile replacement and the first to install sand-filled megacontainers locally. Ecocoast partnered with The Ocean Cleanup in 2017 to tackle the issue of ridding the world's oceans of plastic. Plastic is not the only issue though. It is also...

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Ecocoast Product Catalogue - 13

Marine Demarcation Product Range Overview Boating & Jetski Barriers Prevent Entry from Marine Traffic Standard Demarcation Barriers Ball Float Demarcation Barriers Heavy Duty Demarcation Barriers Swimming Barriers Create an Enclosed Safe Swimming Zone Ecobarrier Standard Recreational Barriers Barrier Installation & Maintenance Installation, Maintenance & Removal Services of Barriers Barrier Installation & Maintenance

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