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Waterjet propulsion solutions

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PERFORMANCE SIMPLICITY RELIABILITY Established in 1971 in Melbourne, Australia, Doen WaterJets is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance waterjet propulsion systems. Doen WaterJets offers one of the most extensive and versatile waterjet portfolios in the market. We work closely with boat designers, builders and operators to ensure our class-leading technology stays ahead of the evolving operational demands of diverse vessels and applications. Our mission is to provide superior PERFORMANCE, RELIABILITY & SIMPLICITY at every stage of a vessels’ life-cycle. Enabled by ongoing...

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Doen WaterJets Kompakt Series Minimum footprint, maximum thrust With their distinctly small installation footprint, we have developed the Kompakt Series to present users with a cost-effective range of high performing products that provide maximum flexibility of placement so confined space or a limited budget no longer prohibit you from selecting and installing the correct size waterjet. There are now seven models in the Series, matching engine powers up to 710kW (950hp). Kompakt Series incorporates our latest impeller and pump technology, which has been perfected over half a century of...

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PERFORMANCE SIMPLICITY RELIABILITY High Thrust Reverse Bucket Latest Pump Technology Balanced Steering Nozzle Installation into aluminium or steel hulls by way of weld-in hull insert Hull Insert Installation into fibreglass hulls by way of FRP insert in the mould Inboard Hydraulic Componentry Inboard Thrust Bearing Short-tail installation by way of deep recessed insert Modular Construction Dual coat powder coat paint system with cathodic protection

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Doen WaterJets Kompakt Series MODELS Waterjet Model (1) Max Rec. Power for standard model (subject to application eng. review) (2) Includes Std. Reverse Control System - Excludes Entrained Water (3) DT: Direct Thrust | G: Integrated Gearbox | HE: Hybrid Electric (4) Typical only - not to be used for construction purposes

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Doen WaterJets Optima Series The stateof-the-art Matching engine power up to 6500 kW (8700 HP), Optima Series waterjets are developed to meet and exceed the most demanding propulsion requirements of the government and commercial vessels across all applications. The Optima Series represents the state-of-the-art in waterjet propulsion technology. They feature our cutting edge impeller technology to deliver mixed flow type, high speed performance, within an axial build; which together with their hydrodynamically advanced intake designs ensure superior efficiency across all operational speeds,...

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PERFORMANCE SIMPLICITY RELIABILITY High Thrust Reverse Bucket Cutting Edge Pump Technology Inboard Hydraulic Componentry Inboard Thrust Bearing Balanced Steering Nozzle High Efficiency Intake Duct Modular Construction Integration into aluminium or steel hulls All stainless steel pump assembly Best of class marine material, coating system and cathodic protection Integration into fibreglass hulls

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Doen WaterJets Optima Series MODELS Waterjet Model Impeller Size Ø mm (in) F Notes (1) Max Rec. Power for standard model (subject to application eng. review) (2) Includes std. Reverse control system. Excludes entrained water (3) DT: Direct Thrust | IWJ: Integrated Waterjet | HE: Hybrid Electric (4) Typical only – not to be used for construction purposes (5) Standard stated – tailor made intake tunnel, narrow reverse bucket and custom shaft angel available

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Doen WaterJets Exclusive technologies Leveraging half a century of R&D and propulsion system engineering, Doen WaterJets has developed ground-breaking and innovative waterjet technologies that remain exclusive to the Kompakt and Optima Series. With a long list of product variants available across both ranges utilizing our unique proprietary technologies, ensures that Doen WaterJets can deliver a more integrated, seamless solution to overcome design, engineering and operational challenges when others can’t. Composite integrated intake Mould plug Integrated Waterjets Unique solution for...

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PERFORMANCE SIMPLICITY RELIABILITY Direct Thrust Waterjets Simplified driveline, lower life-cycle costs and less maintenance Our Direct Thrust (DT) waterjets have the impeller main shaft arranged to thrust directly to the gearbox, just like a conventional propeller arrangement. The DT variant is available on the majority of our waterjets. DT waterjets are mechanically simpler, and more cost-effective to operate and maintain than competing systems and because they eliminate the need for any waterjet thrust bearing system and intermediate shafting. They require less longitudinal space than...

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Product Range DOEN 2022 - 14

Doen WaterJets Control Systems Complete control Flexible control configurations for diverse operational and budget requirements Further securing our position as a dependable waterjet propulsion solution provider is our flexible range of rugged hydro-mechanical and sophisticated electronic control systems. We can provide control systems for all budgets and operational levels, ensuring that the integral responsiveness and manoeuvring capabilities of our Kompakt and Optima Series waterjets can be harnessed with ease and confidence.

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Product Range DOEN 2022 - 15

PERFORMANCE SIMPLICITY RELIABILITY ECS400 The class compliant, CAN bus based, fully programmable ECS400 has an unmatched set of features, offering integrated controls for waterjet steering and reverse, engine throttle and marine gear in a single state-of-the-art system. All Doen Waterjet models across both the Kompakt Series and Optima Series can be configured with an ECS400 system Ultimate safety – An easy to operate colour touchscreen interface for display information and alarms along with high level redundancies built into the system’s architecture empower safe operations. Turnkey supply...

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