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Dockmate Catalog 2020 - 16 Pages

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Dockmate Catalog 2020

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Wireless remote control trusted by the leading brands of thrusters and electronic controls.

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With industry leading technology the Dockmate® system provides a safe and stress free docking experience. You are able to leave the helm and get a closer look at your surroundings while still in complete control of the boat’s movement, resulting in total control during typical manoeuvring in marinas and tight quarters. THE SAFEST DOCKING SOLUTION AVAILABLE

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The advantage that the installation of Dockmate® provides cannot be overemphasized: Enabling me to remotely control my motor boat whilst standing on deck when docking, and then being able to step directly ashore and get a rope secured before the tide/wind carries me away again. The ability to: • see all of your boat and your surroundings clearly; • slip in and out of gear both ahead and astern at a click of a button or the push of a joystick; • control the bow and stern thrusters on the same control pad makes manoeuvring a piece of cake. Whether it is: • coming alongside or leaving a...

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<a! dockmate® A Remote Control for every Boat The SINGLE & TWIN wireless remote controls are our basic tools. The SINGLE & TWIN transmitters send a coded digital signal to the Receiver which operates the engine(s) and horn. The system can be extended modularly to also control the bow thruster, stern thruster and windlass. Operation is easy, accurate, safe and reliable, and can be done from any location aboard the boat. If the SINGLE and TWIN transmitters somehow slip out of your hands, then all systems immediately drop to neutral. There is also an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of...

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Take Command Anchor Winch Stern Thruster The most sophisticated yet simple to use wireless remote control on the market! The TWIST can be fully customized to combine engine- and thruster control in 1 joystick. Moreover, the TWIST's proportional 3-axis joystick can provide fully proportional speed control of the boat's engines and thrusters which offers the exact same feeling and response time as the boat's engines and thrusters. Winch or windlass and horn can also be controlled from the TWIST. The TWIST transmitter can be used as a remote control or as a fixed joystick (when clamped in it's...

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If you have a boat with Volvo Penta IPS or Zeus Pods, then the VECTOR transmitter is the one for you. • The Dockmate® VECTOR offers a wireless extension of your boat’s joystick with the exact same feeling and response time. Control POD systems with the fully proportional joystick. Operates Dynamic Positioning Systems (DPS), when installed. Allows you to engage High Mode. VECTOR can also be used on the Volvo Penta inboard joystick for Aquamatic Sterndrives and shafts.

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Fixed joystick or wireless remote control? No need to choose! Dockmate® TWIST or VECTOR, combined with its Cradle — a wireless charger —, provides the best of both worlds. Mounted anywhere inside or out, like on the flybridge. Waterproof (IPX6), UV-resistant, anodized aluminium chassis. Multiple units can be installed for optimal convenience. The Dockmate® Cradle is specially developed by to accommodate the Dockmate® transmitt

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Dockmate® Receiver The device our Dockmate® transmitters talk to. The Receiver translates the commands given through the transmitter and relays them to your boat's controls. The Receiver is in essence the link between the Dockmate® transmitter and your boat. • The Dockmate® Receiver is a modular system. Every Receiver is assembled and programmed for a specific boat. The boat's equipment and the customer's wishes determine which modules are installed in the Receiver. This means every Dockmate® is built to order. The receiver is connected directly to all the necessary controls of your boat....

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Dockmate® Gearbox Driver The Dockmate® Gearbox driver is a specially developed interface that allows Dockmate® to connect directly to the boat's gearbox(es). This Interface allows Dockmate® to by-pass the ship's CAN bus system, thus avoiding any possible protocol incompatibility or problem

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Dockmate®’s DockControl software offers the ultimate in remote control customizability! Dockmate® combined with our DockControl software offers customers a remote-control solution that can be tailored to the real-world capabilities of their vessel and their own boating style. DockControl gives the installer the ability to program the remote control by choosing any combination of engine(s) and thruster(s) activation(s). It allows for: • adjusting the sensitivity and behaviour of the Dockmate® TWIST and VECTOR joystick; choosing which functions are activated by each joystick direction;...

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Example 1 of flexibility and added functionality: Lots of boats have 2 engines but only 1 bow thruster (no stern thruster). A skipper can "walk the boat sideways parallel" by just pushing Dockmate®'s TWIST joystick to the left or right. -> This will engage the boat's engines (one forward, one astern) Example 2 of flexibility and added functionality: Lots of boats have 2 on/off thrusters (bow and stern). When you have 2 non-proportional thrusters, one thruster is more effective than the other. This makes moving the boat sideways parallel not as straightforward as you may think. A skipper can...

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Dockmate® features Waterproof (IP67) transmitters, with a rubber finish, that float Waterproof (IP67) modular Receiver with waterproof connectors Waterproof (IPX6) wireless charging Cradle Proportional 3-axis joystick with a twist function Plug-and-play cables for most brands Automatic take command via the transmitter to make it the active station Highly reliable 2-way (FHSS) communication between transmitter and Receiver Visual, audible and tactile alarm on the transmitter Visual and audible alarm on the Receiver Large operational range (50m / 165ft) Support for electronic controls, both...

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