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JETPORT responds according to the changes in water level and therefore it protects the product against wind and waves; which makes it possible for you to create your own custom spaces in the seas, lakes, rivers. In addition, the design allows the water to drain the surface. Installation can be customized due to easy installation process by using available accessories such as kedge, metal parts, pipebracket, etc and with the use of the dock hinge set, the Rotoport can be connected to the Sunndock Systems. A number of connecting units are available which can connect to the Sunnydock, Rotodock...

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JETPORT PLUS Easy entry and exit with V shaped design. Arrange position of the wheels according to jet ski ‘s models. No need additional connection parts due to sleeves on it. There is a speacial cover not to have damages of any piles. There is an external stopper. Jetski can be fixed on the lug of stopper. The design gives better distribution of load on the base and gives rigidity. PMS POLIETILEN MAMULLERI SAN. TIC. A.S. Kemalpasa O.S.B. Kazım D r k Mah. No 78, 35170 Ulucak IZMIR www.pmsdockmar - nfo@pmsdockmar Tel: +90 (232) 877 05 80 Fax: +90 (232) 877 05

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JET PORT MAX provides a safe haven for your Jet-Ski keeping it high, dry and away from the aggressive marine environment. Heavy duty corrosion free rollers allow easy docking and effortless launching for all PWC designs and will not scratch and scuff the jet ski’s hull. A variety of installation options are available and can easly be installed on pillings, qual ways or an existing floating dock. A unique Sunny Dock cube to the Roto Dock transition module is also available offering yet more versatility. The JET PORT MAX is virtually maintenance free. With UV stabilizers JET PORT MAX will...

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Due to the boatlift platform, your boat can be easily docked on the water. Optionally, electric or manual crane winches with roller system can be installed to the Boatlift product. The product is designed to fully protect your boat or yacht from marine grout by lifting the entire craft out of the water. Thus, reduces maintenance costs. This System can be produced for boats from 4 meters to 10 meters. It can also accommodate Jetskis. The boats engine power can assist in launching likewise with the use of electrical winch system. PMS POLIETILEN MAMULLERI SAN. TIC. A.S. Kemalpasa O.S.B. Kazım...

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===== ) materialhandling PMS POLIETILEN MAM. SAN. TIC. A.§. Kemalpa§a O.S.B Mahallesi Kazim Karabekir Cad. I\b:78 35170 Kemalpa§a iZMiR / TURKE Y T: +90 232 877 05 80 F: +90 232 877 05 81 KOSGEB Baski: Onat Matbaa Baski Tarihi: 22/09/2017 \ proks ): yL certificationJj DOCK MARINE GMBH A-3435 Neusiedl.HauptstraBe 13 T: +43 (0)2277 26075, F: +43(0)2277 26077 Mobil: +43 (0)664 1003869 - “DOCK MARINE SYSTEM, PMS POLiETiLEN MAMULLERi SAN.TiC.A.§.’nin ticari bir markasidir.

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