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one of the world's largest range Since the company was established in 1946, DNH is renowned as a supplier of high quality products. All DNH products are engineered and designed in Norway, and almost 90% are exported around the world. In addition to the strong niche products such as flameproof, weatherproof, vandal-proof and shockproof speakers, DNH is known for its ability to tailor products according to the customers Due to the fact that DNH manufactures almost all the components of the speaker, "non-standard" requirements such as special colour, special transformers and different cable...

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Miniature Horn Loudspeakers Title Ut wismolo borperiusto DNH proudly presentsutat. dunt lam volutatet this dignim inis ea feu facPis exciting range of high euisim plasticpraesed ing quality dunt horn loudspeakers. The praestio eu feum ercidunt HP series canullamcommy nos odio erat be installed in all manner of harsh inciadipit, commolorem environments, bothipRiure dui sismolessi.Irit internal andnim irilit volor duisl in et external for public address and alit lutem dolobor percilintercom uses. alit nim lutat, quat lam zzriuscil ipsum quam, velis Their frequency range and nisi te dolor...

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“The Sound Ambassador” “Title” Plastic Horn,References: - Channel Tunnel Link, UK & France - Nat West Tower Refurbishment Project in London - Opel/Vauxhall Heading :plants in UK, Spain, Germany and Austria - Bahia Plant, Brazil - - Munich Airport in Germany Reference - - Carnival Cruise Line Reference - - Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Reference - - Holland American Line Reference - - United Metallurgical Company, Russia Reference - Federal State Unitary Enterprise ”Mining and Chemical Combine” Russia - Power plant Wilhelmshaven, Germany DNH reserves the right to alter specifications without...

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Metal Horn Loudspeakers The DNH aluminium horn series represent an extremely robust range of heavy duty horn speakers. These speakers are renowned for both high reliability and a superb efficiency, that makes them suitable for all industrial environments and public areas such as railway-stations, dockyards and manufacturing works. The vandal-proof Safe-15 has been designed to withstand external impact as well as unauthorised access. HS-15S is designed to withstand external sound shocks.(>175dB). HSS-15 in stainless steel, is made to withstand extremely corrosive environments. Rated/max...

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The DNH Aluminium horn speakers have been supplied to many different projects throughout the world. Among them: - Channel Tunnel between England and France - Changi Prison, Singapore - London Underground, England - Rendsburg-Tunnel, Germany - Tramway in Augsburg, Germany - Electronuclear Plant, Brazil - ASCO nuclear plant, Spain (HSS-15) Stainless Steel 67 DNH reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

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Alarm Horn Loudspeakers Alarm horns have a very high SPL value for alarm purposes. The DNH range of Music Horns and Music Cabinets represent a unique sound performance. The precise sound quality combined with the high sensitivity make these models superb for music reproduction. The powerful output of the MH-50 (120 dB at 1m) will provide coverage over very large areas. Music cabinets are used in sports stadia, cruise liners, school yards, swimming pools, leisure parks and mountain resorts. Tunnel references around the world: - Germany - United Kingdom - Australia - The Netherlands -...

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Music Horn Speakers DNH music horns have had an excellent reputation for many years and have been chosen for many different projects throughout the world. Among them: - Meribel Stadium, France - Royal Caribbean Cruise Liners - Hurtigruta: “Trollfjord”, Norway - Carnival Cruise Line - Narvik slalom and down hill, Norway - Olympic Games in Athens,Greece 55 DNH reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

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Explosion Proof Loudspeakers world's most complete DNH offers a wide variety of heavy duty fully approved Ex-equipment, installations where gases make special precautions These are designed with blocks. This allows (T): The model is delivered with transformer Material/Colour PA/Black PA/Black PA/Black Alu, PA/Black PA/Black PA/Black

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EEx References: - Statfjord - Valhall - Ekofisk - Oseberg øst - Kvitebjørn - Piper Bravo - Åsgård A &B - Grane - Njord - Visund - Balder - Brent - Britannia - Ringhorne - Beryl - Snorre B - Huldra - Gjøa - GEAD - Athena FPSO - Kåstø Gassled - Kollsnes Others: - Hibernia, Canada - Shell platforms, Malaysia - N’Kossa, Congo - Petrobras platforms, Brazil - Kazakhstan - AKPO, Nigeria - USAN, Nigeria - Jasmine, North Sea - Djeno, Kongo CAREEX-36 BAREEX-36 Alu/Anod. DNH reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

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Music Masters The DNH MD-series and professional range of models are designed for applications where a combination of high quality music reproduction and clear public address are required. These models have an exceptional frequency range and an impressive ability to transmit a distinct and very natural sound, combined with high power output. The selection of models provide different solutions for different applications and are suitable for use in environments such as shopping malls, restaurants, bars, hotels, churches, conference rooms etc. Rated/max power, Watt * IP mounted with the grill...

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Music Masters, References: - Lisbon Z00, Portugal - Football stadium, Leverkusen, Germany - Swimming pools, Paris - Airport Hahn, Germany - Trud stadium, Russia - Football stadium, Troyes, France - Lorient Museum, France DNH reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

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Cabinet Loudspeakers DNH offers a wide range of cabinet loudspeakers for different applications. Common for all models are easy installation, colour options, and an aesthetically pleasing design. Ideal for public address and background music systems. Several models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our cabinet models are designed for use in public places, airports, churches, conference rooms, sports arenas as well as industrial environments. Rated/max power, Watt Effective freq.range, Hz Dimensions, mm Particle board/nut Alu/PA/white/anod.

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