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Magnus Mas *■    -    Hr- _    *    •    . .• -r~* * ’Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success!" ~ Henry Ford ■

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I. DMS works from The Netherlands because of the famous quality & expertise in the yachting industry II. DMS is developing systems which provide the best stability, comfort and especially improve the safety on board III. DMS is developing the greenest products, fuel saving, hybrid powertrain with the least drag possible Customers are choosing our systems not only for the quality, innovation, efficiency improvement and durability. But also because these systems are ecological responsible compared to conventional systems. NORTHERN EUROPE CARRIBEAN WINDWARDS CARRIBEAN VIRGIN ISLANDS UNITED...

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Dynamic Marine Systems – The Team

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burg Brabant ENGINEERING BV Engineering in 4D End Customer ( Yards Yards Bosch Group The Drive & Control Company HOLLAND YACHTING GROUP Europese Unie POSITIONING DMS Holland is working together with a lot of recognized and renowned big companies in The Netherlands. This ensures us that our upscaling and production increase for national and international markets is secured. —

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Innovative systems

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o Originally underway only (UW) o Adapted for zero speed (ZS) o Single Axis o Ineffective (UW & ZS)

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Traditional Fin stabilizers Ineffective underway Drag due to low aspect ratio fin At expense of fuel and range of the yacht Ineffective at Anchor (ZeroSpeed) Low performance due to shaft position Power hungry, noise & nervous while kicking

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First Step Getting in a Flap ir. Reint Dallinga Marin 2007

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Patented Dual axis fin Rotating underway (50 – 75% less drag) Flapping at anchor (ZeroSpeed

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Unique Selling Points Long fin High Aspect Ratio Low drag generates 50-75% reduction    <( Balanced shaft equals low torque Always possible to mount through roll point Retractable    „

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AntiRoll – while at anchor (ZeroSpeed) Unique Selling Points o 2-3 times more effective o Ideal shaft position o Smooth movements (more natural) o Energy efficient hybrid system

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AntiRoll – New Yachts & Retrofit Construction (no hull recess)

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AntiRoll – No Hull Recess Computational Fluid Dynamics

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AntiRoll – Analysis Finite Element Analysis

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AntiRoll – Production Facilities Oostburg, Zeeland Netherlands

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AntiRoll – Best components

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Dutch Quality Yacht Builders

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Dutch Quality Sailing Yachts

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AntiRoll – First Order

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Thank you for your time! We can only garantee your yacht’s stability

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