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THE COMPANY D.K. Holdings Limited has been manufacturing diamond tools and associated products since 1959. We have developed a unique expertise in producing and supplying diamond tooling specifically for the composites industry. ISO 9001 QUALITY STANDARD Our products are made to the highest quality standards. We are accredited with the approved quality management system BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 for manufacture and supply of our products. DIAMOND TOOLS Electroplated, electroformed, metal bond and resin bond diamond tools are used on various materials because of very fast clean cutting, long...

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AS70 Angle Saw Machine AS100 Angle Grinder AS100 Angle Saw Machine AS125 Angle Saw Machine Air Belt Polisher Air Powered Machines Bandsaw Blades Blades Calibration Drums Chamfer Rings Chamfer Wheel Continuous Rimmed Saw Core Drills Corrugated Toothed Saw Countersinks CUTTING F - G - H 22 Fein Oscillating Machine 21 19 Fein Oscillating Blades 4 20 Fein Triangular Pads 14 21 GRP/GRE Pipe Tools 16 4 Hand Files (Electroflex) 12 6 3I - J - K 7 Integral Spindle Saws 3 Dia Dry Discs Diagrit Water Chucks Dia Met Hand Pads D-Loc Discs Dome Ended Routers Drill Countersinks DRILLING 8 Metal Bond Core...

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Side Spoke Saws 2 Strip & Re-plate Service 23 Titan Dry Grinding Discs 10

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DK DIAMOND SAWS FOR THE COMPOSITES INDUSTRY As one of the world leaders in diamond blade technology we are pleased to offer a complete range of high quality diamond blades for the Composites Industry. We offer the majority of our blades from stock but we also have the ability to manufacture a diamond blade to your specifications/requirements.

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CONTINUOUS RIM SAWS For fast straight cutting of materials. Can be used in hand tools or on stationary machines at speeds between 1500 and 3000 surface metres per minute. OPTIONS: Diameters 25 - 700mm NOTE: Can be supplied in a variety of diamond grades and widths. Normally saws over 40mm diameter are coated with 3mm down the sides and the larger saws have a deeper coating. Saws are made with bore sizes to suit customers’ requirements which should be stated on order. SIDE SPOKE SAWS This design allows the blade to cut curves without jamming or stalling the machine. OPTIONS: Diameters 25 -...

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Diamond coated 44/60 saw with serrated teeth for Kevlar®, Twaron® and Aramid fibres and also recommended for Carbon/Kevlar and Glass/Kevlar woven composite materials. The serrated teeth help to shear the fibre. OPTIONS: Diameters 50 - 200mm PYRAMID SAWS For heavy duty hand trimming and sawing on GRP mouldings and other applications. Allows “side grinding “ as well as cutting. OPTIONS: Diameters 100, 110, 125 & 230mm NOTE: All saws are made with bore sizes to suit customers' requirements which should be stated when ordering. Saws coated in 36/44 grit are approximately 0.4mm wider than...

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FEIN OSCILLATING BLADES For use on Supercut machines enabling you to cut 90° appertures in Composites and clearing material in hard to reach areas of the workpiece. Saw Blade Diamond 78mm Pendulum Saw BANDSAW BLADES Diamond coated bandsaws are made from high quality steel with the leading edge coated with diamond giving a continuous ribbon of aggressive cutting action. Both straight cut and curves can be easily achieved, bearing in mind the tighter the curve required, the narrower width of bandsaw needed. Supplied ready welded to your exact required length or available in coils up to 39...

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A wide selection of holesaws is available for both site and factory use when cutting holes in composites. SPECIAL HOLESAWS Type 1 - Automatic Side Ejection - provides a very rapid method of dry cutting holes in GRP mouldings and laminates. Type 2 - Piloted with Spring Operated Core Ejection - for ease of location with core ejecting by means of a spring loaded plunger. HSS/Tungsten Carbide drill or plain pilot available. Type 3 - Spring Core Ejection without Pilot - designed for holesaws under 25mm diameter where limited internal space is available and will not accommodate a standard...

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COMPOSITES 2019 - 10

METAL BOND DIAMOND CORE DRILLS Heavy duty metal bond diamond segmented or crowned Core Drills for wet cutting clean holes in GRP/FRP containing high levels of Silicon. NOTE: DK can manufacture from 6mm to 700mm diameters, tube lengths and shank fittings to customer specification, please contact us. DIAGRIT WATER CHUCKS TYPE A - Heavy duty water chuck fits most popular pillar drills clamping directly onto the quill of the drilling machine enabling waterfeed through the centre of core drills. TYPE B - Very popular Water Chuck fits most popular pillar drills enabling waterfeed through the centre...

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COMPOSITES 2019 - 11

TWIST DRILLS OPTIONS: Diameters 4 - 9.5mm NOTE: Other sizes and grades are available on request. We also manufacture solid drills, details on request. NOTE: When ordering please state; Diameter, Pilot, Shank Diameter. For holes up to 6mm diameter, these tools can be used in Series 50 or 20. Over 6mm diameter portable or fixed drilling machines can be used or static routing machines. Counterbores are not adjustable and must be ordered to cover both bore and recess, and can be manufactured to counterbore any size hole between 10mm and 50mm diameters. OPTIONS: Diameters Type “A” 4 - 12mm NOTE:...

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COMPOSITES 2019 - 12

DK offer a range of diamond routers to encompass the majority of applications in the GRP/FRP Composites Industry. The high quality routers are available in various sizes and diamond grades. We can also manufacture these routers to your specific requirements. DOME ENDED ROUTERS Designed for drilling, routing, rebating and trimming Glass Reinforced Plastic or similar materials. Developed to perform many different functions from trimming the unwanted section off fibreglass mouldings to routing deep rebates in laminates. OPTIONS: Type Standard Coated to Shoulder Diameters From 4mm upwards to...

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COMPOSITES 2019 - 13

DIAMOND COATED AREA HI-DI ROUTER Our diamond coated routers have been developed over the years to perform many varied functions from trimming unwanted section off fibreglass mouldings to routing deep rebates in laminates of all kinds. OPTIONS: Diameter Top 3.5mm to point DIAMOND COATED AREA GRASSO ROUTER Small diameter router for intricate work on Composite and similar materials. OPTIONS: Diameter 3.5mm OTHER RELATED PRODUCTS SE 50 ROUTER MACHINE - Page 19 Technical Specification: Page 24

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