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RCN-series - 1

TECHNICAL MANUAL RCN Searchlight and Control System Den Haan Rotterdam Version 2.2 Aug 2016

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RCN-series - 2

DISCLAIMER Despite constant care and attention DHR puts in its manuals it is still possible that information in this manual is incomplete or incorrect. We do not guarantee that the information in the manual is suitable for the purpose for which the information was consulted. All information is offered in the state in which it actually is and without any (implicit) guarantee or warranty regarding its validity or its suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise. All illustrations are for illustrative purposes only. This manual is not intended to cover every possible detail about the...

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RCN-series - 4

Warning! Den Haan Rotterdam accepts no responsibility for any damage if the searchlight is installed incorrectly and/or used improperly. When in doubt consult a qualified electrical technician. Mounting the panel Place the control panel inside the wheelhouse, where it is protected against weather influences. The housing is especially constructed to be flush mounted in an instrument cabinet according the illustration on the right. The minimum space needed behind the panel is 110 mm. (depth) 97 ± 1 mm Cut-out panel Searchlight installation Install the searchlight in a horizontal upright...

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RCN-series - 5

Den Haan Rotterdam Electrical installation Install the electrical wiring according to the wiring diagrams showing at pages 11 - 14. Keep the distance between the power supply and halogen lamp as short as possible. Long wires will increase a voltage drop near the halogen lamp, which affects the light output. Cable glands Remove the plug before placing the cable. If no cable is connected leave the plug in place! Cable too tight! This gives unwanted stress at the sealing of the cable gland and water ingress will occur. Include cable slack at the entering point of the cable gland Replacing...

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RCN-series - 6

Safety notes • Handle with care • Turn off main power • Warning, lamp is hot • Do not touch the lamp with bare hands Lamp replacement 1. Switch off the main power Caution – hot lamp. Let the lamp cool down for at least 10 minutes before proceeding maintenance. 2. Open the drum 3. Remove the lamp from the lampholder 4. Ensure that the replacement lamp is of the same type 5. Take a clean cloth to place the new lamp in the lampholder Do not touch the lamp with bare fingers, remove any fingerprints with a cloth and alcohol and rub it dry 6. Check the neoprene sealing of the front glass and rub...

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RCN-series - 7

3. SPECIFICATIONS Control panel Model Dimensions Depth Electrical Voltage Maximum wattage Electrical insulation class Housing Front Aluminium, painted black Operating temperature BEAM ON/OFF Switches 1. BEAM ON/OFF, switches the searchlight on or off. 2. Joystick, controls the direction of the movement. 3. ON/OFF, switches the panel on or off. Potentiometers 4. SPEED U/D, speed of the movement up and down. 5. SPEED L/R, speed of the movement left and right.

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RCN-series - 8

Searchlight Model Dimensions Height Width Weight Electrical Lamp voltage Motor voltage Preferred cable type Cable diameter Optics Mirror Range Adjustable Focus Beam angle at 50% Luminous intensity Sealed beam lamp 630 m No Aluminium Reflector Model Luminous flux Rated lamp voltage Rated lamp wattage Average life-time Color temperature Base Heater Type Voltage Maximum wattage Motor Unit (Screw Terminals) Tilt PAN Max. speed left / right approx. Max. speed up / down approx. Housing Material Finish Front glass Seals Cable gland Operating temperature Ingress protection class Motor house Ingress...

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RCN-series - 10


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RCN-series - 11

Den Haan Rotterdam Searchlights

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RCN-series - 13

Den Haan Rotterdam Control panel Power for halogen lamp Motor left / right Motor housing Halogen bulb

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RCN-series - 14

Den Haan Rotterdam Dual control panel J1 PE Power for halogen lamp Motor left / right Motor housing ** K3 not standaard in delivery Coil operating range 70-110%

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RCN-series - 15

Den Haan Rotterdam Joystick Power for halogen lamp Motor left / right Motor housing Halogen bulb

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RCN-series - 16

Motor housing Membrane Vent Motor frame RCN - Complete

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RCN-series - 17

Den Haan Rotterdam Motor frame Microswitch IP67 Sealed PTC Heater Mounting plate c/w Terminal blocks Spindle motor complete Motor A-max 22 - 12VDC gearbox 1:370

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RCN-series - 18

DHR210 head Heat resistant cable H05GG-F 3G1,5 Sealed beam lamp PAR 64 28V/250W Sealed beam lamp PAR 64 115V/1000W Sealed beam lamp PAR 64 230V/1000W Ring 230x4 - stainless steel

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RCN-series - 19

Toggle latch Membrane vent Mirror reflector 0340 Frame Mirror reflector Halogen lamp 24V - 250W Lampholder GY 6,35 c/w adaptor Halogen lamp 230V - 1000W Lampholder GX 9,5 Sleeve-bearing bush with flange M8 x 16 x 5,5 Sleeve-bearing bush M8 x 25 x 2 Lampholder bridge - neutral Sealing front glass Hardened front glass Frame front glass

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RCN-series - 20

Den Haan Rotterdam Fascinatio Boulevard 1182 2909 VA Capelle a/d IJssel The Netherlands T +31 (0) 10 413 07 55 E sales@dhr.nl www.dhr.nl

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