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Navigation Lights Signalling Lights The DHR70N Polar is specifically designed for operating in Arctic conditions. An innovative heating control system keeps the navigation light free of ice and snow. Even in standby mode, when light is not required for a particular moment of time. This MED and RMRS approved light is tested to withstand temperatures down to minus 62°C and certified down to minus 52°C. The Polar is based on the original DHR70N design, including the same standard base mounting. A flashing light is available for general signalling purposes or as a mandatory stopping light for Arctic vessels. MATERIALS -Housing, matt black polycarbonate reinforced with fibre glass -Fresnel lens, shock resistant polycarbonate -Screen, seawater resistant aluminium - hard anodized -Mounting materials, stainless steel 316L, seawater resistant, non-magnetic -Gaskets, silicone rubber APPLICATION Seagoing vessels over 20 meters in length SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply: Bulb: Visibility: Operation Temperature: Protection Class: Approvals: QUALITY STANDARDS Heating element prevents ice accretion Built-in thermostat Designed for polar regions Advanced Maritime Signalling Solutions SI Extreme operating temperatures Water

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AVAILABLE MODELS Sector lights Starboard Port Masthead Stern Towing Lens Colour Green Red White White Yellow All-round lights White Manoeuvring Red Green Yellow Lens Colour White White Red Green Yellow Special sector lights Stern - Red (Suez light) All-round lights, screened White Red Green Yellow Lens Colour White Red Green Yellow Flashing lights (120 flashes per minute) Stern - Red (Stopping light) All-round Red All-round Green Lens Colour Red Red Green SPARE PARTS Part Top part with membrane vent and heatsink Gasket Large Bulb P28s 230V Max. 65W Screen starboard Screen port Screen...

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