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SG Series - 1

Technical Datasheet All Stainless Steel Diaphragm type Pressure Gauge SG Series Key Features • Nominal diameter options of 100mm, 150mm • Degree of protection IP55/IP65. • All stainless steel construction as standard • Hazardous area certification • Blowout protection • Ranges available between -1 bar to 25 bar • Threaded or Flanged Process connection Product applications The SG range is suitable for a wide The SG diaphragm type pressure gauge (code 3700***) , is manufactured according to EN 837-3, offers customers a high quality and versatile solution for the measurement of low and medium pressure for any industrial application. The selection of the quality material and the wide range of options available including the internal overpressure system and the flanged process connection, make this instrument suitable for liquid and gaseous media, also for aggressive environments and for any industrial application, when pressure measurements are needed. Other products Other products we can offer : • All Stainless Steel Bourdon type pressure gauges • Manifolds • Capsule type Pressure Gauges Food Industry The choice of models available ensures suitability for use in: Corrosive atmospheres Resistant to chemical attack Hazardous Area Low & Medium & pressure application How can we help you? Delta Mobrey’ offers fast, efficient and knowledgeable support when and where you need it. Please visit our website at to find your local support centre or call us on: +44 (0) 1252 729140 Page 1 of 7 Series Overview

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SG Series - 2

Enclosure casing: IP55 Protection for dry execution (optional IP67 is available upon request. Pressure connection material: Standard: AISI 316L stainless steel (other, see below) White aluminium with black graduation Pressure ranges: Ranges according to EN 837-3, max pressure value 25 bar Over pressure: Standard over pressure 115% (Option up to 10 times fsv available for ranges Up to 2,5 bar) Process connection: Threaded 1/2 Gas (BSP), BSPT or NPT external or EN / ANSI Flange as Standard with blind threaded holes. For pass through holes on direct flanges see DIMENSIONS. Construction with...

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SG Series - 3

Different units or special scales are available. Please contact our sales department for any clarification Vacuum Gauge Compound Ranges Gauge Pressure Ranges Over Pressure OVERPRESSURE Standard construction with 115 per cent of full scale deflection CONNECTION POSITION Bottom Connection, Direct FILLING FLUID No Fill Unfilled Filled construction is available only for ranges from range 0 to 250 mbar (no vacuum or compound) Note 2: For overpressure above the limits of the internal device, please consider the external overpressure protector series OVP Diaphragm type Pressure Gauge Internal...

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SG Series - 4

Process Connection 1/2-14 NPT External G1/2B Flange EN 1092 DN 15 or ANSI B 16.5 1/2” Flange EN 1092 DN 20 or ANSI B 16.5 3/4” Flange EN 1092 DN 25 or ANSI B 16.5 1” Flange EN 1092 DN40 or ANSI B 16.5 -1/2” Flange EN 1092 DN50 or ANSI B 16.5 2” Flange Rating Material of Wetted Parts FORESEEN MATERIALS P.T.F.E. covered Diaphragm & Process connection Monel 400 covered Diaphragm & Process connection In the construction with diaphragm covered with exotic material, the base diaphragm is always in 316SS Stainless steel AISI 316L Diaphragm and 316L process connection Hastelloy C276 covered...

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SG Series - 5

Options Available No additional options required Tag number printed on dial face Stainless steel tag plate. Serial number printed on dial face Red mark on dial Stainless steel tag plate and Red mark on dial 2” pipe mounting support Stainless steel AISI 304 Treatments Available No additional treatment required Tropicalised Wetted parts prepared for Oxygen service. Special Requirements Special requirements Threaded process connection Pressure ranges between 0.6 and 25 bar Pressure ranges between 16 and 400 mbar Diaphragm type Pressure Gauge

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SG Series - 6

Flanged process connection Blind threaded holes, Pressure ranges between 0.6 and 25 bar Direct Flanges with pass through holes only for: Blind threaded holes, Pressure ranges between 16 and 400 mbar Direct Flanges with pass through holes not available for these ranges (see configuration below) Pass through holes with Spacer construction. Diaphragm type Pressure Gauge

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SG Series - 7

Approvals EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU Compliant to PED, Module A for static Pressure > 200 Bar, SEP for Static Pressure ≤200bar ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU CONSTRUCTION SAFETY— Technical file storage reference SGS21ATEX0095DR Notified body for Technical storage file : SGS Fimko Oy, Helsinki, Finland, Notified Body No 0598 Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulation 2016 S.I. 2016 no. 1105, as amended, Module A for static Pressure > 200 Bar, SEP for Static Pressure ≤200bar Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres...

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