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Disperator Food Waste Disposers MC (Free standing)


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Disperator Food Waste Disposers MC (Free standing) - 1

FOOD WASTE DISPOSERS 500A-MC EXCELLENT SERIEs • Heavy duty free standing disposer • Designed for continuous feeding of food waste • Disposer outlet can be positioned to suit existing drain installation • Delivered ready for installation to existing water, drain pipe and electricity • Compliant with IMO MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX V for disposal of ground food waste Disperator food waste disposers are used in galleys and kitchens around the world, providing an efficient and immediate removal of food waste whenever it arises. Thereby improving hygiene in the working environment, eliminating bad odors and bacteria formation and minimizing manual handling. Our product range is designed with the user’s needs in focus and meets the modern requirements for handling food waste. The quality grinding unit with hardness from specially cast steel alloy, together with the unique sealing design between grinder and motor, ensure years of reliable operation and low maintenance cost. The disposer’s life span is extended further by the outer housing of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI 304) and protection class IP55 for electrical components. The MC-cabinet with integrated food waste disposer is installed as a separate unit, eliminating mounting into existing interior, and is delivered ready to be connected to existing flushing water, drain pipe and electricity. If needed, it is possible to adjust the disposer’s outlet to better fit the existing piping. The wide range of disposer sizes makes it easy to adjust any installation to fit any workplace in a galley or kitchen. The MC cabinet permits continuous feed ing of waste into the disposer and the inlet is partly covered by a labyrinth protection guard preventing accidental access to the grinding unit during operation. The guard is fitted with a safety interlock switch which stops the disposer when lifted. The cabinet is delivered with a flushing nozzle, solenoid valve and line strainer already assembled for easy installation. Cold water will automatically flow through the nozzle when the disposer starts and flush the food waste into the grinder chamber and continue into the sewer system or connected tank. Food waste disposers in the Disperator Excellent Series have the Declaration of Compliance issued by DNV verifying compliance with applicable sections of MARPOL consolidated edition 2011/2012 ANNEX V for disposal of ground food waste into

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Disperator Food Waste Disposers MC (Free standing) - 2

FOOD WASTE DISPOSERS 500A-MC EXCELLENT SERIEs Front view Left side view Water flushing nozzle Start & stop controller incl. motor overload protector, IP66 Safety interlock switch, IP67 connected to motor control circuit Disposer outlet (see table) placed at back, but can be turned 90º to right or left if requested Stop and motor overload release button Solenoid valve, IP65 for automatic control of flushing water incl. line strainer Cabinet, stainless steel EN1.4301 (AISI304) Food waste grinding unit Interlock screw Water trap, see (1). Slope of drain pipe 2:100 to 5:100 2 m cable for...

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