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Lantern control panels Type 827 4921250023C Compact control panel with push-buttons, pilot lamps (LEDs) and acoustic alarm Control of up to 22 navigation or signal lights Automatic change-over to alternative voltage supply

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Available types Type Application The lantern control panels types 827 are intended for control and supervision of ships' lanterns. The lanterns (navigation and signal lights) are switched on and off either collectively or individually from the control panel in question. The supervision includes the 2 fuses of each lantern, the connections to the individual lanterns plus the filaments in the lantern lamp bulb. Furthermore, presence of the supply voltage for the lanterns is also supervised. The lantern control panels are CE marked for residential, commercial and light industry plus industrial...

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Lantern control panels Type 827 - 3

Additional functions · Fast flasher relay, complying with Japanese regulations for vessels carrying dangerous cargo (red flashing lantern) and vessels of a length >200 metres (green flashing lantern). Electrical connection of more lanterns, e.g. double NUC (“Not Under Command”) lights. Manual mains change-over switch (GL). Dimmer The light intensity of the LED's of the control panel may be adjusted (8 steps) by pressing the 2 push-button at the top right corner: ▲ Upper push-button: Increases the light intensity. Decreases the light intensity. This adjustment only affects the steady light...

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827 Control panel All dimensions in mm Weight: approx. 4.7 kg Due to our continous development we reserve the right to supply equipment which may vary from the described. DEIF A/S, Frisenborgvej 33 DK-7800 Skive, Denmark Tel.: +45 9614 9614, Fax: +45 9614 9615 E-mail:, URL:

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