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Datrex Emergency Food Rations and Drinking Water have a 5 year shelf life and are approved globally for use in liferafts, lifeboats and in any other emergency situations such as earthquakes, flooding and hurricanes where food and water supply can be at stake. The high energy ration is tabletized /subpackaged and ready to eat. It is compact and not thirst provoking. Only natural ingredients are used, (no preservatives or nuts), Wheat flour, Vegetable shortening (soybean oil), Granulated sugar (cane sugar), salt, water and coconut flavoring The EU (MED) does not have regulations covering...

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DATREX Catalog - 4

All Datrex buoys are molded from high impact linear low-density polyethylene for superior life expectancy in the most harsh environmental extremes. The Retro Reflective Tape used is "High Tack." The rope is of a high quality polypropylene with UV stabilizer. The brackets are made of marine grade aluminum. orange buoy with retro reflective tape platform deck installations • USCG approved to SOLAS • BV-SOLAS certified Ships Wheel • CA-TC approved to SOLAS buoy with retro reflective tape • For use with quick release bracket • USCG approved to SOLAS • BV-SOLAS certified Ships Wheel • CA-TC...

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DATREX Catalog - 5

Retro-reflective Tape 2"x50' • USCG/SOLAS MED Retro-reflective Tape 4"x50' • USCG/SOLAS MED First Aid Kit Lifeboat • USCG First Aid Kit Liferaft • USCG First Aid Kit Lifeboat/Liferaft • SOLAS Jackknife • USCG Hatchet • USCG Bailer With Lanyard Drinking Cup, Graduated 1 50 ml with lanyard Sea Dye Marker, Yellow Green • MILS 17980D

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DATREX Catalog - 6

Rescue Quoit • This repair kit requires no Glue or Adhesive and has a 30 month shelf life. Whistle • USCG/SOLAS Signal Mirror • USCG Thermal Emergency Blanket Thermal Protective Aid • SOLAS Thermal Protective Aid • USCG □ ATREX.inc. - MARINE SAFETY EQUIPMENT

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DATREX Catalog - 7

Survival Craft Spares ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION CC0546M Bucket, 10 qt Galvanized PICTURE WW2593M Bilge Pump for Lifeboat • USCG DX1537M Radar Reector Only DX1539M Radar Reector With Mounting Harness Painter Lines DX1506M DX1507M DX1508M DX1509M 100 ft. Black Poly Rope 240 ft. Black Poly Rope 240 ft. With Eye Splice and Toggle 100 ft. With Eye Splice And Toggle 7 AN0052M Lantern, Lifeboat SAFETY TRACK NON SKID TAPES FOR INDUSTRIAL AND MARITIME USE. ALL TAPES MADE IN USA AND EXCEED OSHA STANDARD MEET MIL-D-17951E(SHIPS) AND NON-SLIP MIL-W-5044C TYPE IV. DATREX OFFER NON SKID TAPES IN ROLLS AND DIE...

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DATREX Catalog - 8

For more than 20 years Datrex has distributed the famous IKAROS brand in the Americas. Ikaros is a complete family of Pyrotechnic Distress Signals, which are approved by the USCG and Bureau Veritas and carries global approvals. All Ikaros products are manufactured by Hansson PyroTech AB / Sweden, a company famous for the pyrotechnic inventions in commercial use over the years. • The Ikaros MOB Combined Light & Smoke emits dense orange smoke for more than 15 minutes and has two incandescent lights activated for more The bracket is included, and, once automatically activated when separated...

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DATREX Catalog - 9

• For long-range distress signaling on vessels, yachts, lifeboats and liferafts. Easy to launch, low recoil 350 m flare ejection height BV-SOLAS certified USCG approved to SOLAS • White flare body Used for training and security purposes I karos Maroon Rocket • 350 m/bright flash and loud report • 350 m/6 s/two free falling red stars I karos Buoyant Smoke, • Daylight distress signal to be used from vessels lifeboats, liferafts and yachts • Emits orange smoke for > 3 min. • BV-SOLAS certified • USCG approved to SOLAS • Short-range distress signaling from vessels, lifeboats, liferafts •...

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DATREX Catalog - 10

Datrex has been the Distributor of CM Hammar's Hydrostatic Release Units for more than 20 years in the United States. The Hammar H20's are the most used Hydrostatic Release Units in the World. • Easy installation • BV-SOLAS certified • USCG approved to SOLAS • Used for Category I EPIRBS, Two year disposable • A special Bolt that secures the EPIRB will be cut when the unit is activated, on a depth< 4 m. • BV-SOLAS certified • USCG approved to SOLAS ONLY USE THE EPIRB MANUFACTURER'S APPROVED REPLACEMENT BOLT (ROD). REPLACE HAMMAR H20E HRU AND BOLT AFTER We offer REMOTE RELEASE SYSTEMS for the...

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DATREX Catalog - 11

Datrex distributes a variety of safety electronics from different manufacturers who offer the highest quality, global approvals, and user friendly. • Self-activating lifebuoy light • Bracket included • Completely sealed lithium battery with a 5 year shelf life. I • 2 cd incandescent light intensity • BV-SOLAS certified • Compact water activated lifejacket light • Dragon Clip included • Completely sealed with 5 year shelf life • 1.5 cd incandescent light intensity • ABS-SOLAS certified • USCG approved to SOLAS • Self-activating strobe light • Bracket included Operates with a 6V lantern-style...

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DATREX Catalog - 12

Our assortment of lifejackets cover the regulatory requirements stated by the USCG and the European Marine Equipment Directive for SOLAS and EC approved lifejackets. We also carry out servicing of inflatable lifejackets. * Ocean Mate Type I • The standard type I lifejacket, • LR-SOLAS certified • Exclusive work vest Type IIl/V • USCG-Type lll/V approved Immersion Suit • Cold water immersion-suit. • Insulated five finger gloves. • Inflatable head support • LR-SOLAS certified • USCG-SOLAS approved * GOOO Merchant An exclusive, comfortable TYPE I vest style PFD with 98N buoyancy • Inflatable...

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DATREX Catalog - 13

Datrex manufactures a vast variety of photoluminescent sheet material for use onboard ships and in public/ commercial buildings. All our grades exceed the Din standard and are approved by Bureau Veritas... We have our own screen printing facility which enables us to tailor make signs to meet our customers special needs. For the maritime industry we have a separate sign brochure that can be ordered thru any of our offices. We also offer a cross reference system on www.dalite.us/search/ where our customers and partners can find the correct Datrex item number for certain signs, posters and...

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