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Navy and Coast Guards Work Boats Commercial Vessels Offshore Projects and Vessels Hornsyld Industrivej 37 Hornsyld DK-87 83 Hornsyld Denmark Tel: (+45) 7568 7200 Fax: (+45) 7568 7240 Web: Mail: © 2016 DAN-FENDER - V.09 / KONCEPT AND GRAPHIC DESIGN:

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Welcome to the new DAN-FENDER catalogue DAN-FENDER is one of the largest producers of rotomolded Fenders, Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Dock Fenders and other maritime products in the World. We have been established for more than 30 years producing the highest quality products available on the Fender/Buoy market. We sell our products Worldwide for: Yachting Marinas Fishing Navy and Coast Guards Offshore Projects and Vessels Work Boats and Commercial Vessels Add style to your boat DAN-FENDER offers you the possibility of designing your Fenders/Balloon Fenders to match the colour style on your boat....

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The ultimate quality - designed & produced for maximum protection of your boat. *) Standard with extra large rope hold with stainless steel insert - (stainless steel-eye insert is optional for all other sizes) All heavy duty products are produced with solid ROPE HOLDs for maximum strength. *) Standard with extra large rope hold with stainless steel insert - (stainless steel-eye insert is optional for all other sizes)

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Single eye Fender (designed for boats with low top-sides )

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See more information at Standard colours: ROPE HOLDS = Black FENDER = White, Blue or Navyblue Standard colours: ROPE HOLDS = Black FENDER = White, Blue or Navyblue (the extra step makes boarding easy for all) (The easy and safe way to get on and off your boat) See more information at Maximum load not to exceed = 100 kg (225 lbs). Minimum rope size = 10 mm (3/8”). Securely tie to separate strongpoints. Never attach both ropes to the same strongpoint. FenderStep™ has been awarded a place in the Top 100 of the Best Sailing Gear Ever category 2006, by...

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(Centerhole fender) Colours: White, Blue or Navyblue Colours: White, Blue or Navyblue (Pontoon fender)

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Multi Dock-Fender Short Multi Dock-Fender Unique multifunction design allowing integration of a centrally mounted DAN-FENDER item 520 for extra vertical protection. Can also be very simply converted to provide full corner-fender protection (up to 90 degree bend). See more pictures and details at The SHORT multi Dock Fender is based on the same innovative design as the “big brother” the Multi Dock Fender - just shorter. The SHORT multi Dock Fender can almost be mounted anywhere on the quay, pontoon, pontoon fingers etc. See more pictures and details at

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See more information and video at FenderFlex™ Multi-purpose Fender Mini Multi Dock-Fender (Heavy duty - Multi functional) Unique multifunctional dock fender which protect the boat from getting scratches. This Dock-Fender, which is produced in the strongest soft PVC material (like boat fenders), can easily be converted into a corner fender (inside or outside corner) or cut in two half’s for a smaller vertical protection. One product... multifunction use options. See pictures and more details at EU Community Design 002067363 additional IPR applications...

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Mooring Buoys (Heavy duty) Mooring Buoys (Polyethylene and foam filled) Colours: White or Red Optional colours: Yellow or Blue *) Length measured without rod. All rods are hot-galvanized and rilsan treated. Secured with self locking nut - available with short or long rod. *) Length measured without rod. Made of hard polyethylene. Non inflatable, foam filled. All rods are hot-galvanized and rilsan treated. Secured with self locking nut - available with short or long rod.

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Bottle holder(Can holder) For 2 bottles. Keeps bottles and cans safely in place. Length = mm: Inside 0 = mm: Wire 0 = mm: Protect sails and clothing. Several sizes, standard white. Cable Covers (Length = 1800 mm) 3 mm -----“ Spreader guards 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 7 mm 8 mm 10 mm 12 mm Prevent wear and tear on sails. Item no.: 59000801:    Max 0 Wire, 8 mm Protect sail/clothing against wear and tear. Standard: white. Each size is marked with own colour, which makes recognition and sorting an easy task.

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(Heavy duty) Bar Buoys (Heavy duty) Standard colours: ROPE HOLD = Black BUOY = White or Red Optional colours: BUOY = Black, Grey, Blue, Navyblue or Yellow *) Length measured without rod.(Rod not included) IMPORTANT - do not over-inflate / exceed the above mentioned dimensions

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Standard colours: ROPE HOLDS = Black BUOY = Red Optional colours: BUOY = White Hard Polyethylene buoys are ready for use. Colour: Red

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For easiest and fastest inflation we recommend to use an air-compressor with an air pistol (see picture). New efficient DAN-FENDER Hand-Pump which is specially designed for all DAN-FENDER products having a METAL-valve. It is the hidden qualities which guarantee that DAN-FENDER last year after year, even in the fiercest conditions. (Dual action inflation) This is a very small and handy pump, which is useful to have onboard if you need to add extra air to the fenders during the season. Due to the small size (only 20 cm) it can easy be stowed away. Solid injection moulded eye/ROPE HOLD...

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Choose the right buoys for Buoys must be carefully chosen to carry the weight needed. If the buoy does not lie correctly in the water, the mooring will be unsatisfactory. The anchorchain must always be tied to the mooring loop under water. The anchorchain must never be tied to the upper lifting loop! The sizes stated are guidelines only. Please contact your chandlery/marine shop for advice - and get better results with DAN-FENDER!

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