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Global presence and support Customer finance Think global, act local The full package, on shore and on route Economic solutions Damen Shiprepair & Conversion Damen Services

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WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING As the global population continues to grow, the need for effective public transport systems will only become more important. Water-based public transport will contribute a major role in integrated transport infrastructure around the world. Connecting people and boosting economies; ferries, water buses and water taxis will move people, cars and goods from A to B. While safety will always remain number one priority, environmental standards are becoming increasingly relevant as the industry looks towards efficient and future-proof solutions. Damen is a partner for...

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DAMEN’S BACKBONE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH THE ENTIRE LIFECYCLE All Damen vessels benefit from thorough R&D and, with research taking place on successive generations of standard vessels, continual product innovation is guaranteed. Damen is proactive in developing sustainable and cost-effective vessels and services. Our R&D team is always developing ways to make our vessels safer, more comfortable and more efficient, both economically and environmentally. The maritime industry recognises the increasing urge for environmental awareness. With operations close to shore and...

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BUILDING ON STOCK PROVEN DESIGN, SHORT-TERM DELIVERY BENEFITS OF STANDARDISATION ■■ Fast response to customer requests ■■ Competitive pricing ■■ Short delivery times due to stock hulls ■■ Reliability, proven and tested technology ■■ Continuous product development ■■ Interchangeability of ships, crew, spares ■■ Lower maintenance costs ■■ Guaranteed performance ■■ Benchmark for the industry THREE FAST FERRIES 4212 Building standard vessels in series gives our clients fast access to proven, reliable technology. Our standard designs can be tailored to individual client needs via modular...

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TRADING BUY BACK AND RESELL A family business, founded in 1927 in the Netherlands, today Damen operates 33 yards on 5 continents, employing over 9,000 people. Since its origins, Damen has delivered more than 6,000 vessels in more than 100 countries. Damen delivers approximately 180 newbuild vessels annually. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept, Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality. Damen newbuild Yard Damen Shiprepair & Conversion yard Damen Technical Cooperation yard Damen service hub Damen Company Damen Trading is specialised in the sale, purchase and chartering...

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Damen Customer Finance offers a selection of arrangements, applicable to any Damen product for clients in both the private and public sectors. As a major client of the Dutch Export Credit Agency Atradius, Damen has gained a wealth of experience in the arrangement of export loans. Damen can assist customers in building Damen vessels locally via Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC). This highly flexible option results in a valuable transfer of technology and enables owners to enjoy Damen quality, combined with the convenience of local production. Since DTC was established, over 1,000 vessels...

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CONNECTING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE LIFELINES ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Reliable services Affordable transportation to and from remote areas Enabling economics Transportation of passengers, cars and goods Passenger focused service URBAN WATER TRANSPORT ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Fast relief of traffic Commuters: daily trip to work or school Durable solutions Tourists: explore the city Sustainable transport Events: diner cruising, parties RIVER CROSSING ■■ From shore to shore ■■ Fast and efficient ■■ Robust for heavy traffic

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THE FULL PACKAGE ON SHORE AND ON ROUTE A ferry is always a part of a bigger system. It should work seamlessly together with the rest of the infrastructure: a quay, fendering, an access bridge, a floating mooring pontoon, a waiting area or ticket office. Damen can deliver the full package. Furthermore we can assist operators in optimising maintenance schedules. ■■ ■■ ■■ Delivery of mooring stations and fendering. Delivery of jetties and infrastructure. Assistance with mai

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Safety is compliance, but most of all a me Damen strives for the highest levels of sa board their ferries. Not because we have because it is our number 1 responsibility. EXAMPLES OF OFFERED SAFETY SOLUTIONS ■ Complying international and local safety standards ■ Only the best equipment ■ Easy operation in times of stress ■ Fit for purpose and durable

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ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS MAKING NUMBERS WORK Public transport on water will not exist if the economy does not work. Damen ferries always excel in efficient fuel consumption, high resale value, low maintenance and optimal on board logistics. This will create unsurpassed value for money.

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PASSENGER COMFORT RELAX & ENJOY Bringing you fast and safe to your destination, Damen ferries provide you with a comfortable ride. Whether fast or steady-going, you will find our ferries fitted with modern, efficiently designed interiors with excellent on board traffic control to enable fast turnarounds. Top quality seating and ample space is standard on all our vessels, as are excellent views outside through large windows.

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CASE 1 (SPECIAL PROJECT) PASSENGER ACCOMMODATION CASE 2 ( SPECIAL PROJECT) A ROOM WITH A VIEW Damen has developed the concept of converting offshore vessels into live fish carriers. An example of this is the Live Fish Carrier 8916. Offshore vessels are well-suited for modification for the aquaculture industry as a result of their behaviour. Both permanent and temporary designs can be applied to vessels originally built by Damen or other shipbuilding companies. Damen has developed the concept of converting offshore vessels into live fish carriers. An example of this is the Live Fish Carrier...

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J ROPAX 8216 Passenger Car Ferry for inter-island and long distance transport services ^ FAST FERRY 4010 Comfortable, high speed passenger transport J ROAD FERRY 8117 Short & efficient water crossings with passengers and heavy duty traffic J FAST ROPAX 5510 Hi-Speed passenger car ferry for coastal sea going routes ^ WATERBUS 2407 Urban transport for commuting & sightseeing

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