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VAN DER VELDEN ® ATL ANTIC The ATLANTIC rudder is a full-spade rudder that ensures excellent course-keeping with an optimal performance on straight-ahead journeys. With no moving parts and a slim profile, the resistance of this rudder is minimal and is especially suited for high speed vessels. Each rudder profile can be custom-made to match specific vessel requirements. Optimal performance on straight-ahead journeys Excellent course-keeping Minimal resistance E S P E C I A L LY S U I T E D F O R < Container vessels < M ilitary vessels: Patrol, Frigates, Corvettes < PCTC vessels O P T I O N...

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VAN DER VELDEN ® BARKE ® The BARKE® flap rudder provides a premium manoeuvring performance with over a 100 degree flap angle. It has a progressively moving flap with an enclosed linkage system, which reduces noise levels and provides overload protection. With its extremely large flap angle, the BARKE® rudder ensures a high lift. Due to its enclosed linkage system, the drag of the BARKE® rudder is reduced. This system also eliminates entry risk of sand, floating objects and ice. Premium manoeuvring performance Flap overload protection L ow noise levels during operation Over 100° flap angle...

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RUDDER TYPE: Van der Velden® ATLANTIC with ART™ and BULB VESSEL NAME: VESSEL TYPE: During the design stage, DMC applies various calculation and simulation methods: FINITE ELEMENT METHOD (FEM) FEM is a numerical method mainly used for strength calculation of structures under external loads. It is applied to check stress levels and displacements under external loads such as rudder- blades, stocks and trunks. It is also checked with blades of post- or pre-swirl devices. Besides static linear analysis, nonlinear FEM is applied to solving problems such as buckling or structural analysis up to...

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