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VAN DER VELDEN ® HD Designed with an asymmetrical profile, the HD rudders assure your vessel of excellent manoeuvring performance and course-stability. With their main purpose to smoothen challenging manoeuvring operations, these rudders have proven themselves in the most stringent tank tests and in practice since 1984. Another feature of this reliable rudder system are the asymmetric rudder angles of 60/80 degrees, which provide optimal slipstream guidance. The HD rudders have been designed to increase manoeuvrability on inland waterways, particularly at low speeds. Tapping into years of...

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VAN DER VELDEN ® FLE X FL ANKING The FLEX Flanking rudder system is an innovation delivering substantial efficiency improvement to the inland shipping industry. The FLEX Flanking rudders are positioned in front of the propeller(s), providing increased manoeuvrability performance during astern operations. As opposed to a conventional flanking rudder system, the FLEX Flanking rudders are fully retractable and therefore not obstructing inflow to the propeller(s) during ahead operations. During astern operations, the system can be lowered to provide the required manoeuvring performance. As the...

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RUDDER ANGLES GENERAL INFORMATION AND PACKAGES STEERING YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION A reliable manoeuvring system is the key to a safe and expeditious voyage. Circumstances such as weather conditions, current and water levels in inland waterways can differ widely from one route to another. Challenging manoeuvring situations often come along, be it shallow waters, narrow passages or locks. That's where high-quality steering gear and propulsion efficiency come in. Damen Marine Components specialises in the engineering, construction and installation of manoeuvring systems for the highly...

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