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MAIN SYSTEM OIL LEVEL OIL PRESSURE OIL TEMP. POWER PHASE FAILURE PHASE OVERLOAD SP2700 The SP2700 is a real-time redundant digital steering installation with a control and alarm system. Three options are built into the system, allowing you to choose between main or pilot steering, or directly linked emergency steering. FU steering is optional. Alarms are indicated directly on the SP2700 and on the starter unit. The SP2700 is a modern digital steering installation with electrical connections to the bridge. A unique characteristic of the SP2700 is its software, which simplifies and improves...

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HP7000 The HP7000 is a fully hydraulic installation featuring state-of-the-art technology. The control valve in the engine room can be operated directly via a hydraulic displacement system. As the rudder position indicator has its own backup system, this unique steering installation is completely independent of any electrical system and can be used in combination with the latest autopilots. The HP7000 system consists of: ■ Alarm, control and indication unit ■ Full hydraulic steering system ■ TMU2700 feedback unit ■ SP1000 control and starter unit The HP7000 performs considerably above its...

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