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Dale Commercial Brochure

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A T R I O O F G R E AT N A M E S ... Dale Nelson has a 50-year boat building track record and is known for exacting build standards of the cats of South Catamarans Ltd and the famous Nelson boats. Clive Jeffrey of South Catamarans Ltd also has 50 years boat building under his belt, developing rugged catamarans to suit the needs of clients in a wide range of marine industries. TT Boat Designs bring their unrivalled expertise to the table with the hull design of both the cats and the Nelson mono hulls. Between the three names is a shared vision that the ultimate value of a working boat comes...

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W O R K I N G B O AT S T HAT K E E P O N W O R K I N G The true value of any commercial vessel is how well it works for its operators, and we see the sea-keeping abilities as the foundation stone of all the boat can offer. Both our mono hulls and catamarans command the respect that comes from decades of building legendary designs from the drawing boards of TT Boat Designs. Whilst the ability to be at sea in the widest possible range of conditions keeps the balance sheet happy, impeccable standards of ride, handling and stability keep the crew happy and inspire the confidence to maintain...

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Q U A L I TY O F B U I L D B E G I N S W I T H D E S I G N We see quality as something that should permeate through the entire build process, from the drawing board to the finishing touches. Quality begins with design – first and foremost with the hull. Dale Nelson 40 pilot boat We’ve already touched on the values of sea-keeping, but choosing a catamaran or Nelson hull designed by TT Boat Designs, you have the reassurance that our boats are designed for purpose. Every aspect of the hull from stem to stern has been honed by decades of experience to exactly match the load the boat is to...

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A DV A N C E D CO N S T R U C T I O N T E C H N I Q U E S We can offer meticulously built traditional GRP layup using our production moulds for 10m, 11m, 12m and 13m catamarans or 36, 38 or 40ft Nelson mono hulls and supply either a bare hull, hull and superstructure or any build stage from installation of primary machinery to completed fit out. Dale Nelson are also specialists in advanced construction techniques, and can supply epoxy composite hulls which provide greater strength to weight ratios for clients who require a combination of superior durability, greater speed and improved fuel...

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ENQUIRIES With the ability to offer any stage of completion of a production hull, a semi bespoke build on a production hull or a complete keel-up bespoke design and build, the first stage is to talk to us about your requirements – even if your needs are a little uncertain or someway in the future, please don’t hesitate, we’re always happy to talk boats! Call Mike Reynolds on +44 (0)1646 603112 or +44 (0)7879 481717 Or, if you prefer to email an initial enquiry, please send it to: mike@dalenelson.co.uk OT H E R CO M M E R C I A L S E R V I C E S FROM DALE NELSON • Refits, refurbs and...

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Dale Nelson Brunei Quay, Neyland Marina Milford Haven, West Wales SA73 iPY

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