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The Marine Galvanic Isolator (GI)

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The Marine Galvanic Isolator (GI) Technical Literature Galvanic Isolators Galvanic Isolators The DEI Marine Galvanic Isolator (GI) is a fail-safe, solid-state DC isolation/ AC coupling device for marine applications with exceptional product performance and certifications to ABYC A-28. Galvanic isolators are desirable whenever a boat is connected to AC shore power, due to a galvanic circuit, which can cause corrosion of the boat and its drive system components. Due to the difference in the potential of the hull and drive system metals compared with the shore grounding system or other boats, a galvanic current, which causes corrosion, can flow. A galvanic isolator is installed in series with the shore power cable grounding conductor to prevent the flow of galvanic current thereby preventing galvanic corrosion. A typical installation schematic is shown in Figure 5. Fail-Safe Criteria In the marine industry, the criteria for galvanic isolators is defined by the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) recommended standard A-28. Due to recommendations to the A-28 galvanic isolator committee about the need to retain safety grounding under all conditions, as required by the U.S. National Electrical Code for all similar applications outside of A-28, the standard makes provision for “fail-safe” galvanic isolators. To be considered “fail-safe,” an independent laboratory must confirm that the isolator will either remain fully functional or remain a permanent, effective grounding path if it fails, when subject to the ultimate current-carrying capability of the grounding conductor (i.e. the energy required to melt the conductor). This important safety feature eliminates the need for a monitoring system, which is no longer required for fail-safe units because the safety concerns of a product compromising the grounding conductor have been removed. All DEI Marine products are certified and exceed ABYC A-28 requirements. In fact, DEI Marine was responsibile for introducing fail-safe design in galvanic isolators to the marine industry. Galvanic Isolators Galvanic Isolators PRODUCT OVERVIEW DEI Marine manufactures fail-safe Galvanic Isolators, which have been tested and certified to ABYC A-28 publication, by Imanna Laboratory, Inc. Our extensive experience with solid-state grounding devices and “decouplers” dates back to 1983, manufacturing conservatively designed products for high power applications in the power utility, pipeline, and railroad markets. Dairyland manufactures isolators for other industries that have identical construction to the Galvanic Isolator line, and which have been fully tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories to US and Canadian electrical codes (NEC, CSA, etc) for safety grounding and suitability for hazardous locations. The units were further tested by UL/Demko to meet European requirements. These electrical codes are much more demanding than the ABYC A-28 standard, where fail-safe construction is not optional, but required. All DEI Marine Galvanic Isolators are considered “Fail-Safe Plus®” or “Fail-Safe MAX®,” defined in the following sections. DEI Marine offers Galvanic Isolators rated 30A, 50/60A, 100A, and 200A. The scope of A-28 covers ratings through 100A, but the 200A model has similar construction to the certified models, with a full 200A continuous current rating (plus overload margin per ABYC). Fail-Safe Plus® Fail-Safe Plus models not only meet the fail-safe test criteria in A-28, but also have considerably higher AC fault current ratings than are required and have substantial lightning current ratings which are not required by A-28. Fail-Safe Max® Fail-Safe Max models provide even higher performance than Fail-Safe Plus models, in that they have higher fault current ratings and will still be fully functional and meet all requirements of A-28 after being subject to the fail-safe test criteria (i.e. the energy required to melt the conductor).

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Key Features • Verified Fail-safe construction • Highest AC fault current ratings • No monitoring systemrequired per ABYC A-28 • Rated for lightning current. No other known galvanic isolators have published lightning current ratings Additional Unique Features • Ignition protected • Optional “Fail-Safe Max” ratings • Longest warranties offered in the industry • Certified to ABYC A-28 as “Fail-Safe” • Compact design • Designed for cool operation - no heat sinks needed • Prevents the flow of galvanic current with super imposed AC current well above the 3A minimum required by A-28 • Designed to...

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Lightning Surge Current Rating Model GI-30A-FSP Fault Rating 75kA Peak Product Class Fail-Safe Plus Fail-Safe Plus Certification The DEI Marine line of Galvanic Isolators was tested and certified by Imanna Laboratory, Inc of Rockledge, FL to the ABYC A-28 standard, July 2008 publication. As defined in the standard, all DEI Marine products are “Ignition Protected” and “FailSafe,” or beyond the requirements of fail-safe as previously described (i.e., Fail-Safe Plus and Fail-Safe Max). * Note: While ABYC A-28 standards do not specify requirements for a 200A device, DEI’s 200A Galvanic Isolator...

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1 Galvanic Isolator Outline Drawing for 30A Model 1.000 [25.4] Flat surface for wall mounting 2.674 [67.9] Ø .328 [Ø 8.3] 0.094" x 0.75" (3.39mm x 19.1mm) terminals with 5/16 stainless bolts, nuts, and washers furnished.) 5/16" or M8 mounting bolts - user furnished. Allow for 0.150" thick mounting flange. Use flat washer (provided) under bolt head.

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2 Galvanic Isolator Outline Drawing for 50/60A Models 1.0" wide flat for mounting 5/16" or M8 mounting bolts-user furnished. Allow for 0.150" (3.81mm) thick mounting flange. Use flat washer (provided) under bolt head. 0.094" x 0.75" (3.39mm x 19.1mm) terminals with 5/16" stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers furnished.

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