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DM Ropes Catalogue - 2

DM Ropes embraces the latest technologies in the production of her ropes. Our ropes are made using the most modern techniques and materials like Dyneema, Vectran and Tech- nora. All our products are tested and checked on quality and finishing before delivery to our most valued customers. DM Ropes mission is to provide reliable products for a demanding world. contact / sales

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 3

sopes - index Professional range Extreme performance and racing ropes fìdvancecJ performance range Prestige cruising range Dingy range General purpose and trimming lines Mooring ropes and docking lines Recommended ose of sheets and halyards guide lines for rope selection

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 4

Professional Range Extreme performance and racing ropes Halyards y XP-3000 Number one among halyard ropes. XP-3000 is an unbeatably strong rope with minimum elongation. The rope surface is furnished with a special protective nish which endows the rope with unusual abrasion resistance and stability when exposed to UV radiation. Considering its extraordinary properties, the rope is the rst choice for all advanced yachters. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 1700 2900 3700 7500 9900 17000 24000 28000 0,9 1,6 2,2 4,4 7,5 9,6 13,5 15,3 Construction 12-strand...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 5

Professional Range Enduro Vectran-Elite This excellent rope exhibits outstanding strength, low elongation and, moreover, the unique property of Vectran-immeasurable creep. Courtesy of these properties, Endure Vectran-Elite is exceptionally tting for all halyards and backstays. The inner cover is made of polyester staple bre preventing relative movement of the cover towards the core. The cover is made of low abrasi ve polyester bre which endows the rope with outstanding abrasion resistance and long life. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 750 1000 1300 2250...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 6

Magnum fechnora-Elite This top racing rope is a unique mixture of three materials. In the core is braided Dyneema for excellent strength and low elonga- tion. The inner cover is made from polyester staple to reduce shift- ing between the core and cover. The cover is made 50% aramide (Technora) which is highly temperature resistant (melting point 500 °C) and 50% of high tenacity polyester. This combination makes it ideal to use on winches especially during extreme racing. diameter Strength Weight Double braided rope Inner Cover Polyester staple Outer Cover Polyester / aramide A rope that...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 7

Sport Range advanced performance range Halyards XP-Competition XP-Competition is the choice for yachters who require high performance at an affordable price. High strength, low elongation and the weight of the rope, good abrasion resistance–these are some of the attributes that make this rope a perfect halyard application for the mainsail, jib and spinnaker. Thanks to its structure, it holds very well at all stoppers and the transference of force from the cover to the core is exceptional, even at high loading. A highly durable rope with an outstanding performance/price ratio. diameter...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 8

Prestige cruising range Halyards Cruzer Prestige Rope with the lowest elongation in the Cruising line group. In addition, it allows for a perfect passage through pulleys. Cruzer Prestige exhibits a long service life and is a choice in all types of notches, stoppers and winches. In sea cruiser applications, the rope may be used for halyard of the mainsail, trim traveller, gen, cunningham, etc. With circling boats, the rope is especially suitable for such applications as halyards, outhaull, vang, etc. diameter Strength Weight Construction Cover (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) Braided rope with twisted...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 9

Prestige cruising range Sheets and Trimming ropes Master Elite Master Elite is a very exible line yet strong and resistant to abrasives because the cover is of Polyester (PES) and the core of PP and PES. It is the most attractive line for professional sailing schools and cruising yachts. It is used as sheet, halyard and trimming line. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 4 5 6 8 10 500 950 1000 1250 2800 1,1 1,4 2,3 3,3 4,8 Core PPV and PES Cover PES Azeri Exceptionally soft and exible rope with very good strength and low elongation. The rope is especially suitable for mainsail,...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 10

Prestige cruising range Marin Elite-grip Marin Elite grip 100% Polyester very comfortable and reliable rope for sheets on cruising yachts and day sailers. Soft and glossy look, easy to handle and very exible. Very suitable for family and school boats. Color white with red or green marker. diameter Strength (mm) (daN) 8 10 12 1325 2650 3570 Construction 32 –strand double braided Material Core and cover : 100% Polyester Steven grip sheet Steven grip sheet The most comfortable sheet for cruising yachts . it has a soft look and it is easy to handle. Very exible and an attractive look. Colors:...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 11

Prestige cruising range Curlin Elite Curlin Elite is a very exible, light, oating rope made of UV stabilised polypropylene bre, which does not get soaked with water. It has a lot of boat applications, ranging from spinnaker sheets, through tow ropes up to oating mooring ropes. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 6 8 10 12 750 1000 1500 1800 2,5 3,4 4,9 6,6 Construction Cover Double braided rope Polypropylene multilament 16 Cover Polypropylene multilament, braided Floating 11

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 12

Performance Dinghy range Titan Black Gold The high-tech Dyneema rope can be tapered exactly as required. Extremely touch friendly cover is designed to be stripped in areas that will not be handled to expose second cover with high strength and low stretch Dyneema core. Thanks to this you can have lightweight custom made rope. This double layer option is ideal for Spinnaker/Asymmetric Sheets. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 4/6 5/8 6/9 850 1350 1600 2,5 3,3 4,1 Construction Inner Cover Double braided rope Polyester Core Outer Cover 100% Dyneema SK75 braided Polyester staple...

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DM Ropes Catalogue - 13

Performance Dinghy range Quadrifoglio Silk cut The Quadrifoglio Silk cut rope is characterised by a combination of strength, elasticity and exibility. As an ancillary rope, it may be employed in a number of boat applications. However, the length of the rope becomes shorter when soaking wet, thus obtaining higher stiffness. diameter Strength Weight (mm) (daN) (kg/100 m) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 120 190 340 510 1000 1300 1640 1900 0,3 0,7 1,3 1,9 2,3 3,4 4,0 5,5 Construction Cover Braided rope with twisted cores Polyamide 12, 16, 24 or 32 (depending on the diameter) Core Polyamide, parallel-arranged...

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