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Selective Catalytic Reduction DAIHATSU DIESEL MFG.CO.,LTD.

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The DAIHATSU-DEC Marine SCR System Challenges New Environmental Standards The International Maritime Organization (IMO) NOx Tier III standards that will become effective in 2016 require In order to cope with these stringent standards, Daihatsu Diesel applies the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) a compact, reliable and durable exhaust-gas aftertreatment system. To ensure reliability and durability in marine usage, the SCR System will be marketed as a set with all Daihatsu and come complete with thorough after-sales service. Patented Daihatsu SCR System Features 1 NOx removal performance...

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an 80% reduction in NOx emissions compared to Tier I. System, Diesel’s engines (300 to 8,000 kW), SCR System (Vertical) 1 Converter (w/built-in catalyst) 2 Urea aqueous spraying nozzle 3 Controller and control panel 4 Urea aqueous pump unit 5 Exhaust duct (urea aqueous sprayer) 6 Exhaust duct (w/built-in mixer) 7 Bypass damper 10 Temperature sensor 11 Differential pressure sensor

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1 Converter (w/built-in catalyst) 2 Urea aqueous spraying nozzle 3 Controller and control panel 4 Urea aqueous pump unit 5 Exhaust duct (urea aqueous sprayer) 6 Exhaust duct (w/built-in mixer) 7 Bypass damper 8 Dust blower 9 Service hatch 10 Temperature sensor 11 Differential pressure sensor MANUFACTURED UNDER LICENSE FROM D.E.C.MARINE AB, SWEDEN DAIHATSU DIESEL MFG.GO.,LTD. Head Office Tokyo Office Moriyama Division Taiwan Office Daihatsu Diesel (Europe) Ltd. Daihatsu Diesel (America), Inc. Daihatsu Diesel (Asia pacific) Pte.Ltd. Daihatsu Diesel (shanghai) Co.,Ltd. 1-30, Oyodo Nakal-chome,...

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