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Environmentally Friendly Engines Compliant with DIESEL ENGINE DAIHATSU DIESEL MFG.CO.,LTD.

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Gentleness toward People and the Our Technological Cornerstone Careful consideration of both people and the environment is indispensable for the next generation of marine propulsion systems. Research & Development at Daihatsu Diesel continues along dual tracks that aim to boost power, save on fuel and deliver maintenance-free products, while also forging the engineering technology for drastically cutting emissions of harmful substances like NOx found in exhaust gas. Solid Reliability Based on Performance Daihatsu Diesel engines have powered a wide variety of ships over the years, and won...

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Quality Certificate ABS(American Bureau of Shipping), CCS(China Shipping Classification Association), KR(Korean Register of shipping), LRS(Lloyd's Register of Shipping), NK(Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) Full Compliance with NOx Secondary Regulations We also responded quickly to secondary regulations on NOx emissions. Featuring both low vibration and low noise, our engines are truly gentle on people and the environment. Environmentally Friendly Engines Compliant with IMO Secondary Regulations

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Power, Cost and Navigability ... Daihatsu's G Meet Expectation with Overall Performance. At Daihatsu Diesel, in order to produce geared diesel engines customers can be satisfied with, we pump a lot of effort into improving basic performance while also constructively and logically challenging new technological development. Customers turn us for most everything ... power, cost-performance, navigability, etc. Our geared diesel engines are highly respected and evaluated for being forward-looking and always one step ahead. We have spared no efforts in shortening maintenance time and reducing the...

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eared Diesel Engines Daihatsu Diesel has offices and dealers all over the world. We offer complete aftercare service and make every effort to communicate with customers. Aftercare Service Thorough Quality Control Our manufacturing plants are certified by JG, NK, LR, AB and CCS, moreover the famed ISO9001 for excellence in quality assurance systems. Thanks to this, the hi-tech and high quality we stand by are known worldwide. Tough, Dependable & EnvironmentFriendly Years of enduring R & D has made us tough and proud of our successful record and won us the trust of many faithful customers....

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A Wide Variation to Meet a Wide Range of N Daihatsu's geared diesel engines come in a wide line-up from single-engine single-shaft systems to large multiple-input systems. Customers can choose the best system based on ship size, fuel, usage, etc. Power output on H.F.O. MultipleGeared Diesel Engines Daihatsu's multiple-geared diesel engines are ideal for ships with twin-shaft propellers or low ceiling engine rooms. We offer a wide selection to choose including a twin-engine single-shaft system, single-engine twin-shaft system, four-engine twin-shaft system, four-engine single-shaft system...

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MARINE PROPULSION DIESEL ENGINE Large Diameter Propeller With the right size propeller, fuel consumption is reduced by as much as 3% in comparison with conventional propellers running at the same nautical speed, when propeller rpm is lowered by 10%. Daihatsu Diesel can set the propeller that best matches the vessel thus offering greatly improved propulsion efficiency. 4 0.6 2 0.6 0 0.6 .58 0 6 0.5 .54 0 2 0.5 .50 0 8 0.4 Prop .46 eller0 e eller Prop eter 000 3 diam) (mm CRASH ASTERN System Prop diameller eter Propeller Efficiency for 499G/T Tanker (2000PS Engine) With a low-rpm...

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Daihatsu's Reduction Gears -One Supporting Our reduction gears have a built-in main thrust bearing and wet hydraulic clutch, and can be incorporated in the CRASH ASTERN system. We also have a wide selection of speed-increasing and reduction gears for driving any type of machinery, which can be used on the engine front end block. Though low-speed and high thrust are necessary for port navigation, high-speed cruising performance is needed on the open seas. Our 2-speed reduction gear is ideal for the situation. We developed the 2-speed system (2-step ahead, 2-step astern) to maximize...

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Element of Engine High Reliability MARINE PROPULSION DIESEL ENGINE Clutch fluid is electronically controlled to slip the clutch. As such, propeller revolutions below idling rpm are freely controlled. DICS (Daihatsu Slipping 1. Enables dead-slow sailing ahead/astern with a fixed pitch propeller (FPP). 2. Enables shockless, smooth clutch meshing. 3. Propeller revolutions remain stable even under fluctuating engine revolution and propeller load. Clutch System) Dead slow Control Lever (Example) Ahead Dead slow Astern slip region Ahead slip region Neutral Astern direct coupling region Ahead...

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Specifications Output Engine revs. Engine model Output for all engine given for crank shaft end. 6DE-23 Engine Cross Sectional View Cylinder head Exhaust pipe Intake and exhaust valves Fuel injection system Cylinder liner Fuel nozzle Automatic backwash sediment trap Fuel system Engine frame Camshaft Crankshaft Main metal, crankpin metal

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MARINE PROPULSION DIESEL ENGINE : D.O. Gear ratio Propeller revs. Propeller diam. Propeller diam. Intermediate shaft diam. Propeller shaft diam.

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Dimensions Dimensions Engine model

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MARINE PROPULSION DIESEL ENGINE H3 Height for piston withdrawal

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Electrical Propulsion Systems That Are Kinder to the Earth Electrical propulsion systems are different from the systems on conventional ships, where the propellers are turned directly by the main diesel engine; instead, the propellers are turned by an electric motor. This energy-saving, next-generation system covers economical, propulsion and safety demands. Advantages of Electric Propulsion Ships Gentle to Ships Loading capacity is increased by reducing the size of the engine room. The engine room and propellers can also be optimally located to create the ideal hull form. Counter-rotating...

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Daihatsu Diesel Equipment for Marine Applications Oil Mist Detector MD-SX The Oil Mist Detector Monitors your engine to detect major engine failure. This equipment consists of plural sensor units, inserted into crankcase side wall of each cylinder on diesel engine, and an integrated controller which controls sensor units by the communication link. Sensor units is compactly designed to detect oil mist by the natural diffusion system without air suction mechanism by moving parts like a fan, driving air, and piping, as well as, realizes improved reliability, and easy maintenance. Controller...

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