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Creating next-generation propulsion systems Our clean and powerful "e-Diesel" is packed with top-level quality and technologies that Daihatsu Diesel has accumulated and refined over many years since the foundation of the company in 1907. Daihatsu Diesel's history is marked by relentless challenges toward achieving the engine performance demanded by the changing times and meeting new needs. This challenging spirit is unchanged today and will continue into the future. Daihatsu's e-Diesel is constantly advancing in order to deliver the ultimate performance that only the continually evolving...

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Output chart Output chart Geared diesel Advantages of geared diesel engines Reduction gear Reduction gear Dimensions chart Examples of delivered products Marine equipment Moriyama/ Himeji factory Service network

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Continually refining technologies All for achieving higher reliability Daihatsu Diesel continually verifies accumulated knowhow and data and reflects them in products with the aim of ensuring safe and worry-free operation. One of the most important performance factors, "reliability," achieved through these efforts is bolstered by all the parts and components that comprise the diesel engine. Our diesel engines are at work even at this very moment to help provide safe and worry-free operation of ships on all the seas and oceans around the world. Clean & Powerful e-Diesel engines are gentle to...

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erican Bureau of Shipping), BVlBureau Veritas), CCSlChina Shipping Classification Association), DNV-GL, KRlKorean Register of shipping), LRSlLloyd's Register of Shipping), NKlNippon Kaiji Kyokai), RSlRussian Maritime Register of Shipping) Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear Specifications    Dimensions    Examples    Equipment    Factories    Network 5

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Power output on D.O    Power output on H.F.O Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear Specifications    Dimensions    Examples    Equipment    Factories    Network

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Multiple-Geared Diesel Engine A Wide Variation to Meet a Wide Range of Needs Daihatsu's geared diesel engines come in a wide line-up from single-engine single-shaft systems to large multiple-input systems. Customers can choose the best system based on ship size, fuel, usage, etc. Multiple-Geared Configuration Daihatsu Diesel’s multiple-geared configuration is ideal for ships with twin-shaft propellers or low ceiling engine rooms. We offer a wide selection to choose from including the twin-engine single-shaft system, single-engine twin-shaft system, four-engine twin-shaft system, four-engine...

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Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear CRASH ASTERN System Specifications With a low-rpm large-diameter propeller, engine stalling is always a problem when moving astern because of increased torque and engine overload. For this reason, Daihatsu geared diesel engines employ our own CRASH ASTERN system. It can also be effectively operated from the bridge. Ship equipped with CRASH ASTERN system Full ahead "Go Astern" command Full stop Ship not equipped with CRASH ASTERN system Full ahead Full stop * Performance will vary according to ship speed, type of vessel and sea conditions. Power...

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Daihatsu's Reduction Gears One Supporting Element of High-Reliability Engines Our reduction gears have a built-in main thrust bearing and wet hydraulic clutch, and can be incorporated in the CRASH ASTERN system. We also have a wide selection of speed-increasing and reduction gears for driving any type of machinery, which can be used on the engine front end block. DRA Type Reversible Reduction Gear Propeller Thrust Bearing Hydraulic Clutch · High heat-resistant lining · Shockless mesh because of hydraulic control · White metal · Mitchell's system Gears · Induction quenched carbon steel and...

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Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear Electronic clutch control system Control lever Control valve block Filter Lever signal Control panel Fluid pressure control signal Drain selector solenoid valve Precision throttle valve Clutch operating valve Proportional solenoid valve 1. Raises the clutch fluid pressure in an optimal pattern for clutch meshing to reduce shocks and black smoke formation during transient stages of the main engine. 2. Slips the clutch to enable dead-slow sailing and improved navigation at a desired propeller rpm below the idling rpm. The electronic clutch control...

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Output for all engines given for crankshaft end. Values marked with an asterisk (*) are reference values. *1: D.O.

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*2: Reduction gear ratios are examples. Please inquire about other reduction gear ratios. Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear Specifications    Dimensions    Examples    Equipment    Factories    Network

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Values marked with an asterisk (*) are reference values. Engine models indicated by the "*1" mark are forward turbine models.

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Output chart Geared diesel Reduction gear Specifications    Dimensions    Examples    Equipment    Factories    Network

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Examples of delivered products Suou and Amakusa, support vessels, Ministry of Defense 6DKM(L)-28 × 2, Keihin Shipyard, Universal Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Nippon Maru, training ship, Japan agency of Maritime Education and Training for Seafarers 6DSM-28N(L) × 2, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Ryofu Maru, research vessel, Japan Meteorological Agency 6DLM-40AL × 1, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Mizunagi, training ship, Kyoto Marine High School 6DEM-23FL × 1, Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair, Inc. Kaiyo, research vessel, Japan Coast Guard 6DLM-24S(L) × 2, Shimonoseki Shipyard &...

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