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2 Our heritage of classic kayak designs is celebrated by paddlers from the casual to the competitor. That’s why we’re trusted the world over for top expeditions and record breaking feats. But as importantly, we are trusted to provide the perfect match for your paddling lifestyle and the experiences it brings. Dagger’s whitewater roots in performance and responsi veness forge an exhilarating experience that links the entire range. From the mountains to the sea, our kayaks will meet and extend your expectations, letting you enjoy the water environment in comfort and style. Team Tested....

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10 contents 2 Creeking contents Nomad, Mamba Creek 2 Creeking The Green Boat Nomad, Mamba Creeker Series 5 River 5 Mamba River, Long Boat Axiom River, The Green GT River Boat Freestyle 6 PLAY Agent Kingpin, G Force Agent, Series Free Running 8 ACTION Axiom Series MX, Axiom, GT River kids 10 Club /Running Mamba Series Approach Club, GT Club, Axiom 6.9, Dynamo 12 Crossover Whitewater Approach, Torrent 12 Crossover Approach, Zydeco, Axis E 14 Crossover Multiwater Axis Series 14 RECREATION Fiesta Recycled, Blackwater 16 Adventure Rec Zydeco Series, Kaos 10.5, Blackwater 13.5 17 TOURING 18...

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2 CREEKING Dagger creek kayaks have pedigree. Whether world record waterfall descents or confidently taking on the next horizon line on your home run - they are truly the creek kayaks that all others are measured by. The failsafe Nomad, progressive Mamba and race ready Green are all dialled for gravity assisted paddling.

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nomad A benchmark creek design and world waterfall record holder. The displacement hull Nomad will hold its line through the pushiest whitewater. Outfitted to maximise control and safety, the Nomad is the first choice for the serious whitewater paddler. MAMBA CREEK A next generation creeker, developed for modern technical paddling. The fast planing hull and precise rail profile deliver outstanding drive, with volume positioned to inspire confidence. Outfitted to maximise control and safety, the Mamba creek pushes the limits in style. THE GREEN BOAT 3 A one of a kind river running and...

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MAMBA RIVER An all-river kayak developed for modern technical paddling. The fast planing hull and precise rail profile deliver outstanding drive, with volume positioned to inspire confidence. Outfitted for ease of personalisation, the Mamba river takes whitewater paddling to the next level. AXIOM RIVER A responsive kayak for tight eddies and tearing up waves. The fast planing hull and full length rail provide speed and control, with tapered stern for tail dips. Outfitted for ease of personalisation, the Axiom refreshes the idea of river play. GT RIVER Stable yet agile, the GT is a classic...

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a touch of playfulness, Mamba Mamba series With crisp edging, excellent speed and dreams about. Dagger’sthecelebrated,offers the performance design any solid kayaker versatile 10 5 engineering also means easy rolling, stability, and a comfortable fit ready for any beginner to experience Class II, III, and beyond. RIVER Dagger river kayaks offer progressive paddling at its best. Assured on steeper gradients but at home coaching from the eddy these are the all river masters. The class leading Mamba loves dynamic modern paddling, either steep or shallow. The award winning Axiom refreshes...

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26 PLAY Dagger play kayaks offer those heading to the whitewater park, river or surf the chance to create a paddlers' playground. Assured performance means control is easy and learning new moves quick and progressive. The down river style characteristics of the Agent, all round versatility of the Kingpin and value versus variety of the G-force will put a smile on anyone’s face.

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AGENT A freeriding, freewheeling play machine. The fast planing hull and under stern rocker-break give pop on waves, with centred volume for tricks in the hole. Add adjustable outfitting for ease of personalisation, the Agent is ready for action. Seating: Rail adjustable seat Seat fitting: eat pad, Contoured hip pads, Adjustable seat S booster Backrest: Thigh brace mounted ratchet adjustable backrest Thighbrace: Performance adjustable thigh brace Footbrace: Mini-cell foam bulkhead footbrace Features: Welded hull stiffener rail, Mini-cell foam pillar buoyancy, 2 anodised aluminium grab...

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28 ACTION Dagger Action kayaks are the entry point to the kayaking lifestyle. All-water boats to take you from introduction to expert enjoying every step of the way. Reassuring characteristics and comfortable build are the keystones of this line. The solid all river MX, progressive skills developing Axiom and stable and assured GT series are boats that will define your paddling.

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MX An all-rounder that will handle whatever the river throws in its path. A planing hull with soft rails helps control direction, with volume located to provide support down drops or across eddylines. Outfitted to maximize control, the MX makes whitewater challenges easy. AXIOM ACTION A responsive kayak for whitewater rivers and play. The fast planing hull and full length rail provide speed and control, with tapered stern for tail dips. Outfitted for maximum control, the Axiom Action can lead to a serious kayaking habit. 9 GT ACTION Brilliant for getting wet and experiencing white water...

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2 10 APPROACH SCHOOL CLUB / KIDS Dagger club kayaks are always a first choice for those new to the sport. Predictable characteristics, solid build and fun designs are the hallmarks of this line. The award winning Approach hybrid and the go-to moving water GT series offer value for fleet use. The Dynamo, the most successful junior boat, is joined by the dynamic 6.9 Axiom. The original do it all kayak, in a robust package. The displacement hull is efficient on the flat sections yet stable and confidence boosting for the challenge of moving water. Outfitted to be durable and easy to adjust,...

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GT CLUB Perfect for learning the basics and progressing to moving water. A stable planning hull, with softened rails and balanced volume provides confidence boosting performance, ideal for learning edge control. Outfitted to be durable and easy to adjust, the GT Club is a go-to coaching kayak. Seating: Fixed ergonomic seat Seat fitting: ear loops G Backrest: Adjustable backrest Thighbrace: Adjustable thigh brace Footbrace: Slidelock™ foot brace Features: Mini-cell foam pillar buoyancy, 2 anodised aluminium grab handles, Moulded drain bung AXIOM 6.9 / Pro A responsive and fun kayak for young...

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