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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 2

SAS ROTOMOD is a French company, Located on two production plans, one in Lot et Garonne and the other in Ardeche. It designs, produces and markets a wide range of canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle board for more than 40 years for both French and international market. ROTOMOD uses high density polyethylene (HDPE), a material that combines strength, exceptional service life, maintenance and environmental friendliness (recyclable products). With its RTM and DAG brands, ROTOMOD offe rs a wide range of boats and accessories that meet the needs of professionals, whatever their development site....

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 3

Depth Weigth / Volume Capacity maxi FREELAND LUXE

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 4

Canoes, kayaks and SUP are made of HD polyethylene, designed for intense professional use. Scratches in use do not affect the integrity and navigational qualities of the boat very much. Repairs are possible on drilled hulls and decks using the same polyethylene reference. The screwed handles are intended for manual transport and not for attaching the kayak or canoe during transport. It is recommended to regularly check all tightening of the screws before use. STORAGE In season: It is possible to store SIT-ON-TOP (upside down or upside down) in 5 stacked units. It is recommended to store...

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 5

The MAKAO PRO COMFORT is our latest single Sit on Top kayak from RTM brand. This new kayak is super stable, comfy, great for any kind paddler, starting from beginners. • Molded-in carry handles • Scupper holes • Molded footrests • Paddle holder bungees • Central storage area with rubber hatch • PE backrest UNSINKABLE / SELF-BAILING / STACKABLE / CONSTRUCTION PE OPTIONS • Knee brace kit • Paddles • SOT seats • SOT Trolley

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 6

• Rear storage space with barrel strap (max 24L) • Carrying handles • Scupper holes • Dring eyelets • Molded footrests • Paddle holder bungee • PU keel Kayak short, compact, very scalable. It welcomes a large audience and allows you to discover paddling in both calm water and river. STANDARD VERSION • Rubber handle tubes front and back • Lateral integrated handles • Barrel strap (max 50L) • PU keel • Molded footrests • Scupper holes COMFORT VERSION Standard version + • PE backrest UNSINKABLE / SELF-BAILING / STACKABLE / CONSTRUCTION PE OP

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 7

STANDARD VERSION • Rubber handle tubes front and back • Lateral integrated handles • Barrel strap (max 50L) • Dring eyelets • Molded footrests • Scupper holes A SOT for the big templates! The TRECK 1 is appreciated by large paddlers because of its comfort and generous cockpit. It keeps its paddling qualities whether loaded (max load of 170kg) or empty on any type of body or water. The TANGO is available in both Standard version and Comfort version (with foldable PE backrest). Equipped with a flat-bottom hull, the TANGO EVO is designed for river, lake and quiet seaside paddling. • Rear...

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 8

STANDARD VERSION • Threaded drain plug with base • Rubber handle tubes front and back • Lateral integrated handles • Molded footrests • Scupper holes • Barrel strap (max 50L) STANDARD COMFORT VERSION • PE backrests REINFORCED VERSION • Bow cap REINFORCED COMFORT VERSION • PE backrests Registered model n ° 000808951 - 0002. The TARKA is the outcome of the specifications wished by the professionals: higher scupper holes inserted in the hull channels; rigidified deck; integrated bow cap reinforcement; rigid side handles; and optimized storage spaces to increase the comfort of the paddler....

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 9

• Handles front and back • Lateral handles • Barrel strap (max 24L) • Dring eyelets • Molded footrests • Scupper holes The TANARGUE 2 is a 2/3-seater kayak, without scupper hole, to avoid sticking points in the hull on rocky rivers. It combines comfort for long runs, easy paddling for beginners, and of course a big load capacity. Sit On Top kayak made for 3 adults on board. This model, low on the water, is the favorite of the rental shops for medium touring trips, on shallow water. • Handles front and back • Side handles • Barrels straps (max 50L) • Front bow cap • Molded footrests...

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 10

• PE seat with foldable backseat • Handles front and back • Zig-zag footrests • Rear PE hatch • Molded in basin • 1/2 front bulkhead • Back bulkhead • Integrated thigh support • Deckline • Bungee of deck front and behind Inspired by the old wooden canoes, the CANADIA promotes safe and comfortable paddling. Two children can sit on the central bench safely since it is the only unsinkable canoe in its category. It can carry 4 people and gear. Ideal for family days out. The MEZZO is a compact kayak, easy to maneuver. It allows a playful approach to kayaking, on the calm waters & sea shore. This...

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 11

Open canoe, the RIVIERA is the ideal boat to discover the rivers with the family. This sturdy and stable boat can be used sitting or kneeling. A must for beginners, it is also recommended for professional use. The RIVIERA is available in a Standard and Comfort version, offering two standard PE backrests on the front and rear seats. STANDARD VERSION • Handles front and rear • Back seat • Front seat • Central two-seater bench COMFORT VERSION standard version + • Front and back PE backseat New 2019 : The RIVIERA XL, longer than the classic RIVIERA for more fun to share, it has an additional...

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RENTAL CATALOGUE 2018-2019 - 12

GREEN YELLOW It is easy to carry thanks to its folding backrests. Ideal for paddling sessions with 2 adults or with a child on the central seat. It can also be used alone. • Rigid handles front and back • Front black deck bungee • Seats with foldable backrests • Stretcher seat with child seat • Rear storage compartment with hatch • Rupper hatch • Anti-wear keel Lightweight, the BRIO is a very comfy touring kayak thanks to its ergonomic seats. Its large cockpit allows to welcome in the middle 1 or 2 children, even a pet. Its watertight storage (150L) is accessible by a large oval rubber...

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