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TRIM LIFTING-MASKING TAPETechnical Data Sheet DESCRIPTION Available only in countries with a valid patent. Plastic strip on a self-adhesive tape improve masking of new windshields and windows in 10 and 15mm width. Makes masking corners easier preventing spraying onto rubbers. Perforated every 38mm for easy application. Tape features allow supporting temperatures until 70°C. It does not leave residue when removed. Sizes: lOmmxIOm and 15mmx10m TAPE PROPERTIES Daevi SL • • Do you collaborate on humanitarian projects with Intermon Oxfam? We do

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STORAGE Avoid moisture and extreme brightness. Product keeps its properties for 18 months from date of production. Note: We recommend testing material according to required applications. The company reserves the right to improve or make specific changes and modifications. STANDARD PRESENTATION Rolls with 10 meters in self-dispensing container. Quantity: 30 rolls per box. Tape is perforated every 38mm. The technical information is given in good faith, but the user should assure himself that the performance of the product is sufficient for this application. Do you collaborate on humanitarian...

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