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MASKING TAPETechnical Data Sheet Backing: Crepe paper. Adhesive: Rubber-Resing. Color: white, yellow. Temperature Resistance (1 hour.): 80^C. Guarantee: The product and his functionality are guaranteed for a period of SIX MONTHS Conditions of conservation of the product • Must be stored in dry place and protected from direct solar light. • Must be stored below 30°C. • If the product has been exposed to temperatures lower than 18°C before use; it has to be stored between 18°C and 30°C to restore his quality. • Avoid any type of graze or lateral incision. Do not open the boxes or pallets with cutter or with any other type of cutting object. • It doesn’t have to be exposed to overloads that might cause crushing. Daevi SL • • Do you collaborate on humanitarian projects with Intermon Oxfam? We do Intention Oxf

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