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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IS POLISH Metal Surfaces IS POLISH is suitable for yacht and boat metal surfaces. IS POLISH brings back the shine of boat metal elements. Formulated to be easy t use. Neither the dirt, nor the dampness nor the saltpeter will stick to the brilliant treated surfaces with IS Polish, that brings Immaculate Surfaces. Compatible with stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, brass and zamak. Features:  Specially developed for marine maintenance  Bluish colour contributes to a more lasting sparkle effect.  Smooth texture for an easy application.  Citric fragance for an agreeable application.  Without contaminant solvents or silicone.  User-friendly and easy to store  Great performance only with a small quantity of product.  Apllication choice: by hand or with polishing machine. Instructions for use: Shake softly before use. Apply on the area to polish and perform with polishing machine at 1500-2000 rpm and lightly press with cotton or flannel disc to achieve the desired finish. Apply by hand on a delicate surfaces and difficult areas. Regular product application is recommended for lasting shine effect. Using advice:  Use gloves for product application ( vynil, nitrile or latex gloves )  Use protective glasses  Avoid direct l

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S Keep out of the reach of children. S Dispose into suitable container after use. Available sizes: • 1.000 ml : 6 units per box Product manufactured in Barcelona

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