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TECHNICAL DATASHEET ADHESIVE PROTECTIVE FILM TG03 DESCRIPTION ■ PRODUCT PROFILE Product used for the temporary protection of industrial surfaces. Ideal product for smooth surfaces This product is used, as safety, to ensure the perfect state of a protected surface and, consequently, to prevent non-quality costs. At an apllied state, the product must be termostable and full fuctional at the temperature range from -40 to 80 °C. After taking the product off the protected surface, there should not been produced any damage or adhesive transfer at the protected surface PROTECTION DEGREE This product protection degree directly depends on the film average thickness AVERAGE TOTAL THICKNESS, OVERALL = 0,050 ± 0,005 mm USE INSTRUCTIONS- STORAGE The adhesive strength finally performed on the surface depends on the apllied pressure, and it must be self-developed during the first 24 hours. Under stable conditions in the temperature range from 15 to 35 °C, the product can be stored and used six months. PRODUCT UNIT The product is supplied as a unit of roll, at the specified unit width. INTERNAL DIAMETER = 76 mm TOLERANCE, UNIT LENGHT = ± 5% TOLERANCE, UNIT WIDHT = ± 1 cm PRDUCT TYPE PROPERTIES The product consists of a film or protection material, with one side apllied coating of a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) or temporary adhesion material. ADITIONAL NOTES The protective film must be tested before use, to determine whether it meets all the technical requirements applied on the specific surface and its performance under the specific manufacturing process conditions. The given information is reliable, but doesn't represent a legal guarantee of the product use. Daevi, SL ■ C/Granollers, 1-3 Nave 4 ■ 08170 Montornes del Valles (Barcelona) SPAIN ■ ■ T. +34 93 5720899 ■ F. +34 93 5799017

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